Limiting review numbers

Hi, I finished RTK last year but foolishly didn't continue the reviews or make a real attempt to start integrating the reviews with my usual vocab training. As a result I feel I have lost nearly everything I have learntSad I want to start reviewing again and I think it should come quickly once I get started. One problem I have is that my first review says I will need to do 2041 kanji. Is there a way to override it to limit the amount to maybe 40-50 a day?
I would suspend all the cards then unsuspend the number of cards I want to review.
As the cards mature I unsuspend more of them.
Thanks, that makes sense.
It depends what your recall is like. If it's fairly good, you can just limit daily reviews and slowly whittle them down over time. If you find that you've forgotten a lot, then it's best to do the suspension method suggested above.
Strongly recommend against limiting the daily reviews in place of suspending. The SRS algorithm goes out the window when you do this with so many due cards.
Echoing other people's advice here that you should just stick to suspending; personally tried limiting cards a few times with a couple of decks for a while but soon reverted to suspending as my recalls deteriorated.