(2017-05-06, 9:47 am)ファブリス Wrote: Ugh I'm tempted to go back to a shared hosting solution as Cloudways put so many limitations to the SSH.

Any recommendations for a good shared hosting with SSH and Let's Encrypt ?

I've had success with which provides a real shell. You can SSH to the same chroot jail that your application runs in. They support Let's Encrypt.
I don't have the time for this right now.

I'll give up moving servers and I think I'll just buy a SSL cert on current hosting.

I'm just really busy atm, sorry it's taking forever.
You have another option if you don't want to pay for certificates (IIRC from what I read some time ago): generating let's encrypt ones on your own machine, then importing them on the server. It's not straightforward and you'll lose all the automated goodness, but it's an option.
It's $10 a year for a simple SSL certificate. I use Let's Encrypt a ton too but ... $10 ... a year ... certainly your time is worth more than that.
It's not 10 $ for a three domain SSL cert afaik,and moving servers wasn't just for Let's Encrypt. But moving servers is not really necessary. HG sells a 3 domain ssl cert which is what i originally calculated in the Patreon goal, so that's covered anyway.
Things are moving ahead finally.

I bought 3 domains "multi domain SSL" for 1 year.

I will have to test on a copy of the site before enabling. I have to look into Google for how to best to handle the transition without hurting traffic, and how to set up the redirects properly (302 ? etc).

Thanks for your patience, sorry I had a lots of things going on lately.
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(2017-05-19, 11:31 am)ファ ブリス Wrote: how to set up the redirects properly (302 ? etc).

301 Moved Permanently

Also give it a couple of days before you turn on STS because its super hard for users to clear that if you need to temporarily switch back to http for any reason. (Google wants it on in order to improve your page ranking.)
Sorry about the delay. Bought the certificate Friday. Still is not installed by the webhost, so I haven't been able to even test the site on https yet.
Thank you very much for your hard work.
If it is any consolation it feels really good the first time you get it all working! 頑張れ!ファイト!
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I'm pretty pissed off to be honest that they haven't installed it since Friday when all their competitors have Let's Encrypt. I sent a pretty salty email >_> They even take a ~ 16 $ fee for "installing" on top of the 79.99 $ certificate.

If i have time in coming months I will consider moving servers again, but not to a cloud server. AFAIK, I should be able to move the SSL certificate since it's bought from Comodo.
FYI CloudFlare offers free SSL but you have to adopt them as a CDN (also free), and self-sign a cert to encrypt traffic between yourself and CloudFlare.
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I just can't move servers now. I gave up on that.

Cloudways didn't have a builtin email service, does Cloudflare have one?

Having to deal with setting up email smtp on top of the other complications is what discouraged me. It's enough work to move servers, and update the site for HTTPS. If I have to setup some email smtp addon on top of that and then debug emails It's too much.

It's been a week and ******** HostGator still haven't enabled my 100$ certificate (incl. "set up fee"). Really pissed off.
Certificates are finally installed.

HTTPS won't work on the forum without some changes. seems to work fine. Let me know if you bump into any oddities!
Kanji Koohii is now using secure connection by default.

Let me know asap if anything broke Smile I didn't check all the pages but it seems just fine.

I did the following:
- Set up a 301 Permanent redirect http => https
- Added new property in Google Webmaster search console
- Requested Google to re-index home page + direct links

Ps: FORUM https is coming...
Update your bookmarks to ...
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Issues with SSL make me reconsider moving again to a new host, also if I ever want to restore the Hanzi sites I'll need those free Let's Encrypt certificates.

I think i'll just buy one month and do some tests. Cloudways seemd great, but the servers require SMTP addons. I can't rewrite part of the site.

I need shared hosting so I can focus on moving and not completely change the environment.

Any suggestions? Dreamhost and Siteground seem like good options. Bluehost seems to be owned by the same parent company than HostGator..

Siteground: "DB Size: 1GB DB table size 500 MB" ... well that wont work. Koohii database is 2+ GB. Stories table is nearly 1 GB :/
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