Looking for culture exchange

Hello there!  This is my first time here, well it is my first time posting but I had been here before because of some topics I was looking up on Google that lead me to this site many times and I thought it was time to create an account.  Wink So I am not sure if this is a good place to use to help me look for people to do a culture exchange with Huh (so please help me out) and if it is, I will post more details of what I am looking for.  Thank you! Smile
Your post is too abstract. Define culture exchange.

I will give an answer to what I guess you're asking: the immense majority of the users here are foreigners trying to learn Japanese, many of us doing the Heisig RtK method. Very few are natives here. Thus, you are not going to find many people willing to tell you about Japanese culture in exchange of you telling them about your culture. Either because they are in the same situation as you are (not knowing much about Japanese culture) or because they obviously knew about their own culture before learning about Japanese culture.