Good places to buy VNs/LNs and other reading material?

Or alternatively, any lists of recommended free VNs/LNs?
(2017-04-17, 3:15 pm)xuxpop Wrote: Or alternatively, any lists of recommended free VNs/LNs?

The steam online game store has quite a large number of VNs at this point. Be a little careful though, as not all of them are available in Japanese, so check the languages in the sidebar. 'narcissu 1st & 2nd' is a pair of VNs that are available for free, or at least were when I 'bought' them and I don't think that's changed. It is a sad story though, so, well, maybe not for everyone. There are tons of others though that are cheap to start with and go on sale often.

Lately I've bought my light novels from as e-books (they like to give out coupons, and there's of course no shipping, so while I do prefer paper all else being equal... all else isn't equal! Plus, y'know, immediate acquistiion.) does ship worldwide, and is a USA branch of a Japanese bookstore (they also have branches in many other countries but not all countries.) If you're lucky enough to live in Cali, Hawaii, or New York, there's bookoff, which reportedly has a large selection of used books. They didn't used to have any shipping but I just notice they have amazon and e-bay electronic stores now so I'll have to check into that.

Edit: That's disappointing, bookoff only seems to be putting their English language catalog online. I didn't look super hard but that's all I see from a quick glance at it.
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For a free VN, I read this and thought it was pretty great. Laughed so much:

Use and buy kindle books. You can read them on your phone as well as a kindle.There are other digital book sites like that also work well, but I have a kindle so I prefer amazon.

For free LN style writing (aka webnovels) go to , as some books on there have actually become published LN's.

If you want recommendations, go through these google results:小説を読もう+お...説を読もう+おすすめ
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Thanks for the links!  Big Grin I was looking for recommendations too, so thanks for that. and ebookjapan seem to be exactly what I'm looking for.

I'm in New Zealand so I plan to just go with ebooks in terms of LNs. I also just found that vndb has a freeware filter under release filters, which should be useful.
What do the accronyms 'VN's and 'LNs' stand for?
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Visual Novel and Light Novel.

Visual Novels are video games that are very story/text heavy and are basically novels in themselves to a certain extent.

Light Novels are sort of the equivalent to Young Adult fiction in the sense that it's aimed at teenagers and (sometimes) are easier/faster to read vs other fiction. Also I guess the vast majority of these LNs are genre fiction.

Both are huge generalizations but you should get the gist.
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