Study Quest - Language Learning Levelled Up!

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[Image: rtk_1_Splash.png]

  [Image: fire_gem.png]  Developed primarily with Japanese in mind!

[Image: rtk_2_Game.png]

  [Image: thunder_gem.png]  Study hiragana, katakana, kanji, vocab and phrases!

[Image: rtk_3_Questions.png]

  [Image: plant_gem.png]  Loaded with 1000s of words and phrases plus JLPT vocab & kanji!

[Image: rtk_4_Content.png]

  [Image: water_gem.png]  Developed with the feedback of Koohii Forum beta testers!

[Image: rtk_5_Social.png]

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Many thanks for reading!

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Thank you Study Quest for supporting Kanji Koohii this month!
Thank you Fabrice!

It really is my pleasure to share Study Quest on the website that helped kickstart my Japanese studies a decade ago!

In turn I hope it proves useful to others on the same journey Smile
Hey I tried this out and based on the tutorial I have to say I really liked it. I've heard the promise of "turn your study in to a game" plenty of times but this is the first time it's seemed like more than just a skinner box to me.

That being said though, it seems like I have to manually add each fact I want to test and that's very off putting. The difference in review efficiency means this is never going to replace Anki for me but if I could easily batch import the things I'm studying anyway it would be a fun extra way to test/make use of that knowledge fighting monsters. Is there any chance of this being a feature at some point?

I know there is the option of pre-made decks but the selection isn't there yet and freedom to add whatever you want is a huge strength regardless.
Edited: 2017-06-08, 5:29 pm
@Splatted - thank you for your kind feedback!

Batch import is a great idea and certainly on the Study Quest todo list, but I'm afraid I can't give you an ETA at the moment.

In terms of review efficiency, you can alter the game speed from the pause menu during battle which improves the overall efficiency of your time spent in the app Smile