Beta: Anime2k vocab deck

Thank you for sharing! I have had less than zero time for studying lately, but hoping that might change soon.
(2017-04-23, 1:20 pm)Zarxrax Wrote: I have made a big update to the spreadsheet. I have completed collecting 3 sentences for the words that do not appear in core6k.
In the process, I found a lot of words that shouldn't have been in the list, and have removed them. I also removed a few more counters/suffixes and some interjections. In all, more than 60 words have been replaced, which was more than I expected.

Going forward, I expect very few changes to the word list, probably less than 10 words at the most. Collecting sentences for the remaining words should be significantly faster on a per-word basis, though I'm not sure how much free time I'll have left for this. I've been mostly been doing this at work because I've had a lot of free time, but that free time will likely be drying up soon.

So the deck contains example sentences now?
(2017-04-23, 10:42 pm)NinKenDo Wrote: So the deck contains example sentences now?

As stated, only for the subset of words which are not part of the core6k.  I'll be adding those next.
Update 5月5日
Rearranged numerous words based on frequency from the unnamed Japanese Text Analyzer, which felt more accurate in some cases.
Replaced 20+ words, most of which were single kanji mainly used as parts of names.
Added sentences for the first 500 words.

This project is going on the backburner for a while. As of today, I no longer have tons of free time during the day to work on this anymore, and I'm also feeling quite burnt out. I will likely pick it up again at some point in the future, but I have no idea when that will be. I've also got other things that I would rather work on for the time being.
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