Anki suspend_vocab: a ruby script with functionality like swanki

In 2010, cangy made a forum post announcing swanki, a python script (not a plugin) that suspends Anki vocab based on seen kanji.

I wanted something similar for my studies, so I wrote a ruby script called suspend_vocab. I've been using it to filter my vocab and it works great!

Caveats: like swanki, this script is not an Anki add-on and must be run manually. Some system administration experience (or better yet, scripting experience) is recommended in order to use it, and it hasn't been tested on platforms other than macOS. That being said, it could be useful until someone writes an Anki add-on that incorporates these features.

If you want to try it out, edit the top of the script with the name of the Anki user profile you want to modify and the path to the Anki2 data folder.

Also, don't run the script when the Anki profile is open (or it will fail and exit without doing anything).

For more information, see the README.
Edited: 2017-03-14, 8:22 pm
Looks interesting, but why isn't it an add-on? Just curious, I can work with this fine.