What is the font used by kanji koohii for kanjis?

I'm trying to type kanjis on my computer, but some of the kanjis I type look different than how they look during my flashcard reviews on kanji koohii. What font is used by kanji koohii for rendering the the kanjis?
Edited: 2017-03-08, 4:51 am
On my computer it's Hiragino Mincho Pro, but I believe it could be another font on your computer depending on OS prefs and installed fonts.  But try Hiragino Mincho Pro and maybe it works.  I don't believe there are as many Japanese fonts as in common use so you're more likely to get lucky buy just trying the few that are installed on you computer.
font-family:"Hiragino Mincho Pro", "ヒラギノ明朝 Pro W3", "MS 明朝", "MS P明朝", serif;

Related Github issue Improve the Japanese font stack #78

What computer / OS do you use?
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Thanks yogert909 and Fabrice. I use MacOS Sierra on a MacBook Pro.
So I freshly installed Windows 10 in my computer and downloaded Google Chrome. It turns out that the kanjis in the stories are displayed with a very thin font that I can barely read. See screenshot: I tried using the Advanced Font Extension for Chrome to modify this without success. Has anybody encountered the same problem and solved it? How?
Edited: 2017-04-12, 1:54 pm
Interesting. It looks like the same font, only rendered smaller.

You could try different fonts, but you could also look into switching the font aliasing.
I forgot to mention it, but I solved this problem some weeks ago. Basically I had a screen resolution of 125%. I adjusted it back to 100% and scaled Chrome accordingly. No more thin, quasi-invisible characters.