Question about logging into / changing password for Kanji Koohii

Hello! My apologies if I am not asking this question in the appropriate place/way or if this type of question has already been answered -- I couldn't find it when searching the forum.

I was trying to log into Kanji Koohii again this evening after a long period (more than a year) of inactivity, and had forgotten my password. I tried to change my password, but got the error message "Email address is required." after entering my   correct e-mail address. Should I be doing something differently?

I will be happy to provide any additional information that could help in resolving this issue. I really appreciate this great resource, and I would be so grateful for any advice you could give!
Hi Green, use the contact form on the website and give me your account name. Please use the email address you signed up with, if possible.
Thank you very much! I'll do it right away. Sorry, I knew there should be a more appropriate way to contact you than the forum.
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