Japanese Language Study Log: Avatarmeem

Congrats on finishing Genki! How difficult did you find よつばと! ?

Very respectable JCAT scores in listening, vocab and reading scores. If the grammar section is really short in the JCAT, you could have gotten unlucky and gotten a few difficult questions in a row.
@Skullclutter Thank you very much!
I still feel weird about the grammar score, I though my grammar score at least should be higher than my reading or listening xD
but thats alright I guess,... or maybe can they calculate my grammar section thu all other sections?

よつばとwas not really difficult, just a little bit intimidating at first, many vocabulary look up - which is good- some important basic vocabulary I didn't knew before like あいさつ, 近所 and 途中 I picked them from there. Totally recommend it, once you know little about violation and passive forms in Genki, I think よつばと is easy to read.
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