aligner: Fully automatic subtitle correction

Oooh, this seems useful! I'm gonna download it and try it out later.
Hello Kaegi!

First, thanks ALOT for this tool, its great, really saved me so much time and effort, as I was re timing ad breaks by hand each episode of the DBZ srt's from kitsunekko, and well its been 11 months since any progress on that!
but today I banged out about 160 eps in an hour! I was doing 4 a day by hand in an hour before !!!!
the tool and algorithm is spot on, I was really surprised how good it is!

But alas, there is a problem with around 40~ episodes, it may be the same issue as mentioned here

about the blank lines? the files that have an error seem to get stuck on a white space character on a line, alt 0160 or ascii 32
the error reads;

C:\> aligner [DBNL]Dragonball_Z_-_029_-_Less
on_Number_One_[DR][x264][C45E84FB].en.ssa [DBNL]Dragonball

EE: error: operation on file '' failed
EE: caused by: parse error at line `1268`
EE: caused by: expected SubRip index line, found '??'
EE: caused by: invalid digit found in string
EE: note: run program with `env RUST_BACKTRACE=1` for a backtrace

as a pleb windows user, I don't know if the 64bit exe build was rebuilt to the latest version?

anyway you could help please?
I look at the line in notepad++ and delete the character but get the same line error
if I overwrite it with another char or delete everything from the line it will work as normal,
but I cant understand what the difference is with these few specific white spaces as the file contains many others
something to do with the unicode? No idea

I will attach the files for episode 29 if you need to test for yourself

Please advise!