Need a Japanese person for communication

Hi everyone! I'm really interested in learning Japanese and I need some help from a Japanese person who'd be interested in communication.  This is my facebook
Edited: 2017-02-13, 7:16 pm
Kawaii! I'm sure you won't have any problem to find japanese girls for communication Tongue
Try with Ling-8, there are a lot of Japanese people who need corrections with english, french and so on...
Even if I've hardly ever user it, for the little time I've tried that site I've found a bunch of Japanese people very willing to help me and many of them study in Europe so you could even encounter them. Give it a try!
Thanks a lot. Smile) I will try it.
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Find an inexpensive tutor on, and have lessons only in Japanese. This will force you to think inside the language for a solid hour at a time, and your teacher can give you gentle corrections to help your speech become more native-sounding.