[kanji koohii] Integration with KKLC?

I began learning kanji with RTC and kanji koohii  Recently I've started the Kodansha Kanji Learner's Course, which I think is a great complimentary way to learn, along with RTC and this site.  It would be great if the crowdsourced mnemonics of this site could also be used for KKLC.  In other words, instead of learning with the RTC order, each card could be ordered according the KKLC numbers...the kanji are the same, basically, but the order is completely different.

Anyway I just think it would be a nice option to add a KKLC "deck" so that users could choose that way as well.  What do you all think?
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Hi kanjilearner,

We can. In fact I've been wanting to add custom indexes to Kanji Koohii ever since I add 6th edition support. The problem is I'm always overwhelmed with fixes and other things. If people can help me with the data, then I can implement it into the site.

Technically speaking, since I added 6th Edition Support, I've had to refactor all the SQL queries on the site to go through an additional table to, in programming terms, "map"  the "internal" / Study pages index which I call sequence, to an arbitrary sequence of kanji. So atm we have two arbitrary sequences of kanji : RTK 5th edition, and RTK 6th edition.

The two supported sequences just happen to be very similar, so it looks like I only support "RTK" but in theory, I can add JLPT, KKLD, or even "RTK Lite".

Here is how it would work:

- We already have a "Sequence" selection page :   This page mentions RTK but it technically sets the sequence, and I can add more sequences

- If we add a new sequence, then this page needs to be more RTK Agnostic. Now I would call a sequence a "goal" and the Check Progress would be replaced with a progress bar towards that goal (ie. current active sequence).

- The Study pages would be ordered by the sequence, this works

- Manage pages .. there's likely a bit of work there as I have a bunch of RTK specific code in some places but nothing too difficult

- Flashcards : already accept all the CJK unified ideograph so all the KKLD characters can be added

Is there a KKLD PDF sample like the RTK sample I can look at ?

If anybody's motivated to contribute and help me implement this, what I need is a spreadsheet (tabular data), with:

- sequence # (starts at 1)
- kanji (or UCS-2 code)

I'm not sure yet how I would handle keywords. I would start with just using the RTK keywords already in place which is probably better for the Shared Stories...
Support additional kanji sequences such as KKLD or RTK Lite #70 on Github.

Basically I throw the ball to you guys. Help me with the data and I promise to at least give it a good shot. I don't think there are particularly difficult things to solve since I already solved the major SQL requirements with the 6 th edition support. But there is a bit of work to remove hard coded RTK references, and then to improve the UI on the Home page, to add the user choice of sequence for new users.. But this can be broken down in different steps.

This is oimething I can work on incrementally in a feature branch as well as release on staging site so anyone motivated can help me on Github and Gitter to get this going.
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By the way do you mean KKLD ? Is KKLC a different book ?

Also I realize KKLD references is in KANJIDIC but is it up to date?
The KKLD is a kanji dictionary by Jack Halpern published in 1999. It had a major update in 2013 due to the Joyo kanji changes.

The KKLC is a course for learning kanji by Andrew Connning which came out in 2013. It's a bit Heisig-like but also makes use of the above dictionary from Kodansha e.g. by (mostly) using keywords from it.

Here's a spreadsheet with the numbers for Conning's book. It covers 2,300 kanji, ten of which are not included in any of the Heisig editions.
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That's awesome Katsuo. I added this to the issue, and made a copy just in case.

It sounds like a KKLC student would want to have the KKLC keywords. But that is potentially copyright material.

Quote:(...) crowdsourced mnemonics of this site could also be used for KKLC

Would it be useful enough to have the index, while defaulting to RTK 6th edition keywords? That would simplify a first implementation as well as make more sense if the user wants to benefit from the shared stories.

I can go ahead on this with the spreadsheet. However I've got a bunch of issues to work on already, so I'm going to leave the issue open on Github and prioritize it if there is more interest (via email, github and here).

Some additional input on my implementation breakdown on the [Github issue]( could help me also move forward.

I added a new brainstorm label just for that. This is a feature, not a fix. A feature has to be proprely planned, so I can implement it more easily as well as not waste time throwing away things I didn't think through proprely (as happens all too often). TLDR It's currently in brainstorm phase meaning the more input I get on it, the closer it's to implementation.

update: I created a news post on Kanji Koohii about it to gather more feedback.
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