Honor societies?

So, I just received an invitation to join Phi Kappa Phi, and looking through their site, I can't really get an idea of what benefit there is to joining (though they are certainly doing their best to sell it).

For anyone that's ever been involved with an honor society, is it useful beyond its name? Is the name even all that useful?
Names certainly have value when it comes to employment, but between the field I've chosen and the college I attend, I'm pretty much guaranteed a career (it's up to me to screw it up). Do such names hold any weight outside of their own country?

The dues are cheap enough that I might join anyway (about the same as what I pay for my VPN), but I was hoping y'all might have some opinions that aren't from a site trying to sell me something, so that I can get a better feel for what to expect.
From a UK perspective these societies seem to be a weird US thing, and my immediate mental association was with the kind of frat society that gets in the news because of illegal or shitty behaviour by the members, so I'd say there's almost certainly no benefit outside the US.
I joined one of those. I paid like $50 or whatever the fee was at the time, and they sent me like some certificate or something, and that was all I ever heard from them again. I just put it down as a point on my resume at the time.
My experience is like Zarxrax's. I just joined because it was another thing to put on my resume. Not sure if it helped much, but it didn't hurt my chances.