[Kanji Koohii] New design of the Study / Browse function

I am a little confused by the new design of the Study / Browse function on the koohii site.
It seems that the two frames "Restudy" and "Learned" are mutually exclusive.
However, if I restudy only a fraction of my list of forgotten kanji and leave the page, I would expect to decide at my next visit whether I want to Restudy additional forgotten kanji of rather start reviewing the "Learned" ones.
This was possible previously, if I remember well.

Did I miss something?
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It is an oversight. I should have made wireframes for this and think it through. This stuff takes time and I'm pretty much by myself doing everything, coding, designing, and thinking all the use cases and scenarios. Yet it's my mistake because I end up wasting hours coding something I'll throw away anyway because it wasn't well thought out. That's what sucks. I keep telling myself to just hold off the keyboard and think through what the screens look like. Sigh.

I think the reason I merged Restudy and Learned is that I was trying to optimize the mobile view and this seemed like a good way to save space at the top of the page.

In fact I started by removing the "next 10 failed card" summary that was in the sidebar. The Study box was optimized to just show "Next : (kanji)" instead of the next 10 failed cards. And so once you started learning cards, both boxes said the same thing. The Study "NEXT" didn't have a purpose, because "Add to LEarned List" already takes the user to the next failed kanji. Hence, I had the idea to merge them.

And to be fair you could definitely review the learned pile, before studying more. But I agree it's less flexible.

In theory you could continue again from the Restudy List, except it doesn't exclude the learned kanji... so it's a bit tricky to find the first failed card to continue from (assuming you clear them in index order). And THEN you would continue "Add to learned list ". But that part is definitely not intuitive nor practical.

A good point here is that what is essentially missing, is a way for you to find the first failed card, so you can continue the cycle of "Add to learned list". That is the main issue. A secondary issue, is that there is no visible list anywhere of what's currently sitting in the learned pile. Point being maybe the current design is not all bad, but something's missing

At this stage I'll leave it to the users to tell me it's something they want fixed.

This happens on Github, with an Issue, then it can collect potentially other comments, and at least there is a recorded conversation in the right place to follow up. And then If I decided to do something i can post mockups there and have a modicum of feedback since participatns can be notified. I can't do this on the forum.

EDIT: this would be the conversation to continue, I can potentially re-open this issue
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Thank you for this very detailed reply. This is probably more than what the issue deserved!

I agree that it is not a big problem to follow the logic of the program. Restudying more kanji or starting to review right away does not make much difference at the end of the day.

I just mentioned it in case it was a bug, not a feature  Cool
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Yes that's the idea. THe feedback that came from staging is people wanted the Learned list to be cleared after a review, so they somehow want to work in small batches; In fact Yuta asked on the forum likewise a while ago. So I am guessing that maybe studying a few characters, reviewing and rinse-repeat is the main scenario.

So that's what the site does now. If you learned 15 but pass just 5 cards, you don't go back to a learned list of 10, you go back to a "Restudy (10)". You have to again add them, but it seems like that's what people prefer. Which is logical, since those kanji did not pass a first review.

I think it's good too, at least it should be a pleasant flow... when I can make the pages render faster. There's still room to improve the Study page load...
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Issues / suggestions for Kanji Koohii are now handled on Github.

For misc questions , if you prefer asking something before creating an issue or you're not sure it's worth creating an issue just post on Gitter. It uses the same Github account, pretty simple.

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