Honto.JP E-books

In particular if it's aimed at older readers, there's a good chance it just doesn't have any.
(2017-01-25, 5:24 pm)zx573 Wrote: I made a tool that seems to successfully extract the .epubx files, which seem to be the most common format that I could find. There's one other type I've found so far, DIVF4, but it seems a lot less common and maybe only for manga? I've only seen 1 so far.

Go to the folder: %LocalAppData%\DNP\honto\Contents\
Then you'll find a folder with numbers and characters there, which is your user folder.
Inside that is the folders for all of your books.

Use it like this:
python input.epubx (optional: output foldername)

python 20001_121206014_001_001_131_521.epubx
-> Extracts data to folder named "20001_121206014_001_001_131_521"
python 20001_121206014_001_001_131_521.epubx somebook
-> Extracts data to folder named "somebook"

Requires Python 2.7.

You'll have to figure out what to do with the data after that.
0001\Images usually contains the images in JPG format.
0001\Text contains an XML file with all of the text and styling and everything.

Just letting you know that this was a big help as i can now decrypt the epub and read them on firefox with rikai-sama popup dictionary (cannot live without that yet)
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