Japanese Language Study Log: sholum

Started adding some canned vocabulary from the Core Supplement deck. Deleting all the ones I know as I come across them. That's most of them, apparently, because I deleted something like 300 cards to get twenty I wanted to study (apparently my conception of a word is not the dictionary's idea of a word).
I'll probably do twenty per day until I run out (which will be faster than I initially thought). Words from things I've read will hold priority; I'm just doing the canned ones to keep it going. Vocab reviews are easy, nearly automatic, so I won't mind having more of those.

After I finish my finals, I'll start adding kanji cards again. I'll probably only do five per day, since it's not a huge priority (and kanji reviews are annoying).
Well, I've already deleted 5500 odd cards and know I'll be deleting more.

I went ahead and removed all katakana words, because most of them are useless to study (never used, obvious, or both). Deleted most of the hiragana only words, because they're mostly beginner or casual words, mostly repeats, some were even plain grammar.

Will probably end up deleting a lot of the other cards too, but it seems like I should be able to study twenty cards without deleting 200 cards now.
Yeah, I really liked that first phase of working through core10k where I could just suspend the really easy words, it felt like I was charging through and making great progress. It slowed down a lot later :-)
(2017-12-08, 5:54 pm)pm215 Wrote: Yeah, I really liked that first phase of working through core10k where I could just suspend the really easy words, it felt like I was charging through and making great progress. It slowed down a lot later :-)

Definitely agree. So far, I apparently 'know' almost 6000 more words! By the end of this, I'll be able to brag that I have 'studied' or 'know' 25000 words, even though a lot of them are useless katakana words!

I have found some use in this though, since I've come across a few words that I'm surprised I didn't know well yet (like 牡蠣 抹茶 稲荷) and some stuff that was already in my RikaiSaves deck. So it's not all useless.

Unrelated update:
Recently been watching a lot of サイエンスZERO from NHK's Eテレ channel. These are quite good, IMO; you get an introduction to the concept or discovery being featured, and you get discussion (with an expert) about what it might mean and how it could be implemented.

Unfortunately, most of the recordings that have been put on YouTube are broken in one way or another. A lot of them managed to somehow turn a thirty minute show into an hour and a half of skipping back and forth. Others have audio missing or, in the least severe case, syncing issues.
And I'm not spending ten bucks per episode (well, a dollar to rent, but whatever) to watch just the ones that NHK decided to put on the internet themselves...
Christmas Eve (probably Christmas by the time I post) Edition!

Been out of class since the 11th and don't start again until the 8th, so I have an excess of time. Normally you'd think that'd be the best time to do things, but something's got my sleep all screwed up (sleeping excessive hours, high sleep inertia)... Pretty sure it's an allergy to something, because my eyes have been itching like mad too; actually ended up using allergy drops to calm it down a bit so I wouldn't rub them so much. I had bruising on the inner sides of my eyeballs, from rubbing and scratching at that inner cleft where the tears collect before running down your face.

Anyway, been excessively lazy.

Kanji Production: 1006
RikaiSaves: 547
Core Supplement: 153 in rotation ; 9114 unseen (~6000 nuked)

So many useless cards in the Core Supplement...
A very small minority of the cards are words I don't know, but they're so out there (specialized vocab that I don't even know in English) that there's no point in studying them.

Watched Amagi Brilliant Park over a couple of days: quite a fun watch, though nothing terribly novel, story wise. Well, I guess 'highschooler gets roped into running a freaking theme park and pulling it from the grip of imminent dissolution as a part time job' is pretty novel, but the smaller plots and tropes are fairly standard. I even called the ending pretty quickly (have to say though, Terumi's contribution to that development had me busting my sides).

About half way through Shiki (死鬼) too. I'm not a big fan of horror in general, so I don't know how it stacks up in comparison to other horror anime, but it's alright so far, I guess; not particularly horrifying though.

Apparently I'm not really opinionated on this stuff, 'cause it seems like almost every time I mention an anime I watched, the response is 'it's alright'. Rarely 'I freaking loved it', and even more rarely 'it's the worst pile of garbage I ever laid eyes upon'. Though I guess the latter is mitigated by reading the synopses and often being aware of the franchise.

Still been watching a lot of サイエンスZERO too (this is the kind of show where I don't mind listening to reruns). Gonna have to look up the stuff about bacteria producing electricity. That's something I'd keep in my backyard just for fun: a bacteria battery.

Did a short presentation the other week at a year end party thrown by my tutor. Had a fun time and had some conversations in Japanese (we were flat out told not to use English), though those probably go more into listening, since I'm not a terribly talkative person in the first place.
I got nervous and rushed the end of my presentation, since it seemed much longer than the others, but I think I did a decent job of it otherwise (topic was far easier to fit into five minutes than the presentation I did on ferroelectric devices which suddenly had its presentation time cut in half when the professor realized we didn't have enough classes left to fit in 200+ minutes of presentations).
Counting it as writing as well, since I didn't bother memorizing it and mostly read it off of my notes.

Merry Christmas!
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If you can get an aloe plant, cut off a bit and rub the juice in your eyes.   It's amazing.  Your eyes will instantly stop itching  Don't use the aloe from a bottle though because there's alcohol and preservatives in there.

Btw, I find when I have time to sleep as much as I want, it ends up making me more tired.  I find waking up the same time every day, drinking water before bed, and scheduling an activity first thing in the morning gets things rolling for the rest of the day.
I never would have thought to put aloe juice in my eyes; only ever used it on burns. Thanks for the idea!

Some of it is definitely due to the suddenly loss of a schedule, considering I haven't been able to remember what day it is since classes ended. I generally sit down at the computer with a hot drink (coffee, tea, or hot chocolate; lots of hot chocolate recently) first thing after getting up, since it helps me wake up the rest of the way, then go about any work or exercise I need to do.

But I'm also sleeping until about the same time every day, regardless of when I go to sleep, but that time is much later than it used to be (1 or 2pm instead of ~10am)

Whatever the case, I need to get back on schedule soon, since I only have a bit more than a week left before Spring classes start. Only have two left to take, and one is just an online second year history class (need another humanities elective), so I'll get to have plenty of time not at school (looking for some work to fill in some of that atm).

Unrelated update:
Got a Switch and have been playing both Odyssey and Breath of the Wild. Both are great fun.
Just for fun, I set my system language to Japanese when setting up the Switch, and to my pleasant surprise, both of the above games are playing in Japanese (BotW is even using the Japanese voices)! I'm not sure if this means that Japanese and US releases are identical (or if the changes are swapped depending on language) or not, nor do I know if all games released in both languages will do this, but I'm super happy to be able to play in Japanese without having to deal with imports... or waiting for special hardware or software to be developed...

I also don't know if the game data needs to be nuked to switch languages, like the 3DS Pokemon games.

Whatever the case, I can happily play my games (legitimately) while claiming it counts as studying!

Any suggestions on a textbook or material for the N4? I think I might be past N5 level, so I want to make studying for the N4 my goal.
The 新完全マスター (Shin Kanzen Master, often referred to by the acronym SKM) series is really good, IMO.
At the N4 level though, you'll probably still benefit from Tae Kim's Guide (as a free resource).
I don't know what you're doing for vocab, but if you don't mind canned stuff, then the Core decks would be good. For N4, even 2k might be overkill, but that'd be better than undershooting. You will have plenty if you add 5-10 words per day.

I don't know how much you plan to study, but as long as you pick a decent target for daily study, you shouldn't have any problem passing N4 next year. The July test might be a bit tougher, depending on your schedule, but the December test should be well within reach.
I would like to join an onlne study group. Currently at N4 level, but studying for both n3 and n4. Also planning to sit level 9 next August.
Mini update ('cause I'm too lazy to sync Anki information right now):
Got my recording setup rearranged. I was testing a different mic that I had laying around the house; it actually gave stereo data to the computer. Quality was utter crap compared to my other one, though, so it's currently just being used as a stick for the better mic to clip onto.

Managed to babble into it for a while. Did a little bit of extra post recording work on it to clear things up (instead of just noise reduction, I also normalized it. Was working on a equalization pattern when messing with the other mic, but my good one didn't seem to need anything done). Overall, still the same problems as always: can't think of anything to say then takes me forever to say what I eventually think of. At least my accent isn't too cringey. And I guess I got over that 'listening to your own voice' discomfort a long time ago, because it hasn't bothered me at all.
I will upload a recording at some point. But I need to come up with something beforehand so that it doesn't take me ten minutes to speak a few sentences.

I'm sorry, but I don't know of any online study groups, so I can't make any suggestions.
You're welcome to make your own study thread and keep up with the others, though.
Good luck on your tests!
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New anime!
Only watched three so far, might try a couple more later, but these were the ones I was planning to look at for a while now.

Was super excited for this one! They aired a recap episode last week, so there's only one real episode of the new season out so far. Looking to be as good as the first season!
Will definitely be watching all the way through. (May or may not read the manga)

Killing Bites
The only thing I'm going to be able to think of while watching this show is this:

Gonna have to give it a couple more episodes before I decide if I like it or not. First episode kept me around with a meme (and boobs). The fight scene in this episode was boring, frankly; if this is primarily a fighting anime, then it will need to pick up a lot for me to enjoy it as such.

Note to all aspiring film/animation artists. One of the things you never need to show anyone is vomit. I don't care if it's faked for the camera or animation, I don't want to see it. From the small sample size available to me, no one else wants to see it either. I don't know what it is about recent years where directors think it's a good idea to show people puking on screen...
Only exception to this rule are jokes like Aqua from KonoSuba puking rainbows.
Or fetish stuff, if you're into that.
Just don't show it to me.

Holy cow, this is far cuter than it should be! This is probably the least likely one for me to continue though, because shows like this usually have very little pulling power from week to week, no matter how cute each episode is.
Check it out if you need a smile, though.

Might check out terrible isekai show of the season (I've read the manga adaptation and a couple chapters of the webnovel; I highly doubt this will be a good anime) and Overlord, if I ever watch the first season.