Japanese Language Study Log: sholum

Kanji Production: 834
RikaiSaves: 432

新完全マスター読解: section 3.1

Got through section 2 a lot quicker than I expected, even though I only did one subsection per day; the last couple of subsections didn't have as many problems (lists only had two problems, including the example). I'm going to continue the slower pace to accommodate Tadoku, but I'll still probably finish the first run through within a week or two (I'll probably go over some of the more difficult question types).

Slow start on Tadoku. I actually fell into the trap of finding a manga series (adapted from a webnovel) on a scanlation site and checking it out there out of convenience instead of immediately going to the source... So I exchanged a lot of Japanese reading time for English reading, today. Unforgivable!

Keeping up with the anime and documentaries. I watched (in and out of focus) a documentary about the battle of 関ヶ原; having only ever just known the general historical significance due to all the references it gets, I found it quite interesting (while I was awake; I'll have to watch it again). One of the most interesting things to me is that it was a battle between the superiority of armor over weapons (in the West, at least, not that it was affordable for most troops) and the current domination of firearms over infantry armor. From the parts I was awake for (and from what I understood), it seems that the hybrid armor developed for 徳川家康 incorporating the wedged breastplate of Western (probably Spanish or Portuguese, but I'm not sure) armor with the more flexible Japanese armor of the time for protecting the extremities allowed his forces to survive arquebus fire better (the breastplate would deflect shots from an arquebus where the usual armor wouldn't).
While political maneuvering and strong command were probably the most important factors, it's interesting to learn about battles in periods where armor and weapons technology is nearly equal (or, at least, not incredibly one sided).

I finished the short essay about locks and my tutor helped me correct it. Even though I went over it multiple times myself, there was still a decent amount that was fixed and improved. I'm posting the uncorrected and corrected versions in a code frame, since we don't have spoilers. My copy of the corrected one has highlights and other correction notation that won't show up, so I'm just going to remove any of that.
Oh, and the corrected version is more spread out because it was separated into individual sentences during review, and I was too lazy to do anything beyond closing the extra white space.

Rough draft:







[In addition to regular corrections, the corrected version was adjusted somewhat to fit the 起承転結 format]

While I didn't strictly time myself, just from looking at the clock at the start and finish, the rough draft took me about four hours to complete. For comparison, that's about the amount of time it took me to complete a lab report in my lab classes (including some extra calculations, graphs, schematics, and the report itself), so my composition speed is far from fast, but it's a lot faster than I expected.

I don't know if I'll post them like this in the future or find a better way to show them (hopefully it's somewhat motivational or helpful to see what other people are messing up on and learning from).

I'm going to be writing another one this week, but I haven't decided on a topic yet. I might do something like what I mentioned last week, or I might go with something different.

I read my essay (or whatever you want to call it) aloud while we were correcting it; I probably should have done that before as well, instead of just reading it in my head, since it made a few mistakes that I missed rather obvious. Other than that, just a bit of chatting.
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Quick update:
Just did two example problems from 3.2 that made me do a bit of a double take.

The first was about the author's experience dealing with two kids that beat the crap out of each other and how the author lead them to realize that what they disliked about the other was their own projection.
Had about the same difficulty with this one as I have with most of the problems in this book.

The second was a story with an old man talking to a cat. I answered all the questions with extreme ease. I almost felt insulted: "what did the cat mean when it said "you can talk, huh."?" why wouldn't you be surprised that a guy can talk to cats!? "Why did the cat know the guy's name", not long after he just referred to himself by name... stuff like that.

So apparently my reading skills are still really biased towards fiction. Though I wouldn't say the questions were on the same level, either.
Kanji Production: 891
RikaiSaves: 432

新完全マスター読解: 3.4

Going a little slower on Kanzen because of Tadoku and impending finals (this week), but I'm almost done with it. After this month, I'll start working on the other books.

I've been trying to read a lot, because I really want one of those top five spots... Been aiming for 50 to 100 pages per day.
I've been building up a lot of vocabulary too, but I won't add it until after Tadoku is finished.

The weekly stuff and the YouTubes and the documentaries.

Sometime last week, I decided to try watching Little Witch Academia, to see if the hype train was deserved. It's very deserved. This show has had me laughing my butt off with its comedy, and the animation is absolutely gorgeous!
Even if the first thing you think is "Japanese Harry Potter ripoff" (not really, IMO), give it a few episodes.

Wrote another short paper (400 - 500 characters) last week, will be writing another later. I forgot to take it to my lesson, so she printed it out and corrected it for me (red ink everywhere...); I'll put it up later after I get a chance to type up the corrected version.
This one only took me about 3 hours, but I think that shows in the number of mistakes.

Little bit of speaking practice during the tutoring session, plus some practice at the group lesson (was super fun again!) with my tutor's friend, who's helping out (I survived it somehow). This month's group session focused on adjectives, which I still manage to mess up while speaking; not during the group lesson, I think, but during my regular tutoring session, since we previewed it there and I had a chance to practice.
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