What app can I use for quick chat with my users?

Ive just moved all the Kanji Koohii feedback to Github's Issue system here. (anyone motivated just get to the README file and you' ll find the bleeding edge site =))

Now I realize I need a very simple CHAT GROUP kind of app or site so I can send some tests to people and ask how it works on their device.

This would complete the issue system very well .  


- chat log so people don't need to reply in real time, and can see past chat
- I can paste links to issues  and  web pages for people to test things
- people can reply from their mobile device (mobile friendly)
- I can easily invite people to it  or people can easily  register on it

What would you suggest?

- I just heard about  "gitter" , is it good for that purpose?
- Does Github have something like that?

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Discord or Slack are both easy, but are probably both overkill for this. Both have excellent mobile support and meet all of your requirements.
Thanks I'll check them out!


Actually, Github authentication would be tops. If a user is willing to signup to github to post feedbakck, it'd be great that they can also use the same credentials on the chat app.

I see HIPCHAT and SLACK have integraton for github notifications.
Edited: 2017-01-16, 9:28 am
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Okay Slack seemed a bit overkill in terms of upfront options.

Gitter is much less scary. Annoyed that the iOS app, as usual, doesn't seem as complete as desktop. So I can't see the Github issue's I link when I type #8 for example, but it shows them on desktop.

Here is the Gitter Kanji Koohii Feedback for anyone interested i nthe mobile / responsive update testing :

I recommend creating a Github account first since it's handy to post an issue, and then you can use the same account to join the chat room.

I'm off for the night.

PS: by the way I posted an update about a fun little CSS / SVG / VueJS project if someone wants to try.
Edited: 2017-01-16, 5:00 pm