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(2017-06-25, 2:31 pm)tanaquil Wrote: Terrace House: after returning from Japan, I discovered a way to sneak into Japanese Netflix (which I expect will be cut off any day now, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts). [For the curious, it involves subscribing to ExpressVPN and paying for a subscription through the Netflix app downloaded from iTunes Japan. I came back from Japan with a lot of iTunes cards.] So, I have been watching episodes 14+ of "Boys and Girls Next Door." The Japanese subtitles are a godsend, as I find the slurred speech of Tokyo youth culture almost impossible to follow otherwise, but with the subtitles, I think I get just about everything that's going on.

NigeHaji: a friend recced this (in full, 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ), so I found a torrent of this recent jdrama and have been watching it without subtitles. I'm pleased to find that I get most of the gist, though I am sure I am missing a lot of the finer detail. I want to read the manga as well when I get a chance, it is available through ebookjapan. Recommended!

TH is actually available on US Netflix; it's how we've been watching it. But that's a nice, sneaky way to get access to the remaining Japanese content on the service!!

Another +1 for Nigehaji. Zhuixinfan made this available w/ hard-coded subs, and we watched it when it aired. The subs help when they get into the details of discussing their contract, because they both adopt formal business/legal-ish type language for comic effect. It might also help to buy the manga; it's available for Kindle on Amazon JP.
There's a thread somewhere in the forum with links to the Terrace House subtitles for each episode (text files) in Japanese and English.

I live in North America and was able to access Terrace House simply by subscribing to Netflix through the Netflix website, using my web browser.  No fancy "sneakiness" involving VPN or whatever required!

I find Terrace House kind of boring to watch though.  Every so often the action is interrupted by a "panel" of people having a "discussion" about the show.
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I find TH fascinating. It's so very staid and...well, *Japanese* compared to its American counterparts. It's kind of nice to see people living together and committing the usual minor human transgressions as opposed to actively trying to be the absolutely sh*ttiest example of the species they think they can get away with.

You now know my opinion of American reality TV. Ahem.
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I agree, I like the staidness. I can't stand the artificial drama of American reality shows.

I think one review of the series referred to it as "lifestyle porn"... they meant the fancy houses and cars, but if you count the ordinary details of living in Japan, I'm all over that porn. :-)

I know about Netflix in the US (I've been seeing the Terrace House discussions here for a while), but the only series available on US Netflix that I know of are "Boys and Girls in the City" and "Aloha State." As far as I can tell the original eight seasons starting in 2012, Boys and Girls Next Door, are not available anywhere legal in the US - unless something has changed? I have a thing about watching stuff from the beginning, even if the cast changed from season to season.


I was going to say that I like Netflix Japan for the Japanese subtitles, but I just went back to check the US Netflix version of Boys and Girls in the City and realized it does have Japanese subtitles - cool! That is a great feature. I hope they start doing that with more Japanese content. In the meantime, though, I'm enjoying getting to know the Next Door cast.
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This has been a slow week for consumption - it's a good thing I keep this journal, it serves as a good reminder when I'm not accomplishing enough.

I have managed to do "current" reviews in my two main anki decks (kanji and vocab) every day this week, and most days I've been able to catch up on 10 or 20 backlogged kanji and 30-50 backlogged vocab. Current backlog is 333 kanji and 923 vocab. (That's out of a deck total of 2300 for kanji and 8500 for vocab.) I'm hoping to kill both backlogs before the month is over, but not killing myself to do it.

My main form of consumption this week has been Gyakuten Saiban; I'm almost finished with the final case (case 4) of Game 2, will hopefully finish that today. I wish it were easier to know exactly how many pages that's equivalent to. I'm too lazy to count screens, which I think is the Tadoku-approved method. Maybe I can figure it out from looking at a Japanese script.

This might sound really low level, but since GS isn't as difficult for me as some things are, I am concentrating on not mentally translating as I read. This is a habit I should have broken long, long ago, but I keep reverting to English in my head. It's one thing when I am intentionally going over a phrase several times to make sense of it, but it's just stupid to mentally translate something I can understand perfectly well in Japanese. So I'm trying to make a discipline of staying focused on the Japanese. The screen-at-a-time dynamic of GS makes this a good platform to mentally enforce the discipline of blocking out English.

Listening - I got through about episode 21 of Terrace House Next Door (the Japanese Netflix supply starts at episode 14), but I think most of that was before my last update, so listening has not been great this week. I'll have to see how much of it I can consume this week, always assuming I don't get cut off.

I hope my next update will be better!
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