My little 2017 lower intermediate thread

(2017-11-27, 5:04 pm)yogert909 Wrote: Sorry to hear that ariariari.  I do hope you'll stop by here from time to time if only to say hi and realize you used to be one of us masochists..


Yeah, I'm not dying or anything Smile

I think I'll probably still pick up the occasional NHK Easy article, run through some anki reps when I feel like it, and so on. It just feels different when you're like "Yeah, I can't do this every day anymore". So I thought to acknowledge that. It just feels different, you know?
Oh, I'm gonna miss your study posts on here. They always reminded me I should be more diligent myself Angel

But I can definitely get the sentiment. When I had some busy university periods, learning more in my free time was painful as well and I would do only little or drop it entirely for a while. However, I came to realize I really like the language after all (that is half of my motivation by now... "I just like the language..." which I would never really have thought when I started out Big Grin ) and I'm always drawn back to it sooner or later. I might restart with just doing some fun stuff here or there, but usually eventually I'd get back to some form of study routine (though... as I switch it up quite frequently, not sure if you can still call that a "routine"....).

So~ I hope that it might be similar for you and once you don't have to learn as much for work, you might find you miss learning Japanese after all! Whether that's in a few weeks, months or even years doesn't really matter, but I kinda hope we'll see you back in time Heart 

Until then, all the best for your none-japanesey life Wink
Edited: 2017-11-28, 3:01 am
Hahahah, I work at a Japanese coworking space and because I follow the North Korea news so much I had to look up this word:


弾道 is a fun word by itself, and not so unusual when you know the kanji.

I added anki entries both, DESPITE not actively studying at all.

I guess old habits die hard lol Big Grin
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