My little 2017 lower intermediate thread

(2017-06-13, 10:34 am)ariariari Wrote: Hahahah, that's cute.

DO anki while you walk him! Even if it's just a few cards a day, it's better than letting the reviews just go up and up and up.

This is the little cutie - her name is Chai ("big" dog is Mocha).

Unfortunately, she's too little to walk so when we go outside she gets carried right now, and since I'm juggling two dogs, it's been chaos. xD

It's taken me almost two weeks to get my iPad charged for bed, but I get to do reviews at night again starting tonight! And I'm getting my schedule back under control so I'll have time to add new cards, etc, when baby is napping. Gonna get there.
@Nohika - Cute dog!
For me, I'm kinda shocked that I'm halfway thru the month but my number of mature vocab cards has actually decreased!
I'm now at 5,726. And on the first of the month I was at 5,727.
Most months I feel like I add ~50 mature cards. And I don't feel like this month has been different at all. So we'll see what happens by the end of the month.
So I just had a 30 minute lesson with my teacher. I still haven't finished anki'ing all the kenjyougo rules and exceptions, so we just had a free conversation lesson.

I got bored talking about daily life activities, so I steered the conversation to work, and we wound up talking about monetization strategies for free online content. The word "monetization" is actually in Japanese too, and here's the dictionary definition:

After reading that definition, I realized that I'm definitely not interested in taking the N3 this year Big Grin

There's just so much vocabulary specific to my work (and consequently related to my upcoming talk in Japan), that it could easily keep me busy in and of itself until December!

I wish that back in 2014 I knew about italki, and had the benefit of having cheap, online conversations with professional teachers about the topic of my presentation months before I actually flew to Japan.

My talk is in December, and I'm *so* grateful to be having these conversations 6 months out!
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That's awesome, ariariari!! I'm so excited for you. Big Grin

I'm finally getting back to my reviews, slowly but surely. Fitting all my work into puppy's naptimes, which is harder than it sounds since she's going through an OMG DON'T LEAVE ME phase. :p

But! I'll get there.