My little 2017 lower intermediate thread

(2017-01-19, 1:38 am)TheNoll Wrote: And I found an interesting work like スカートめくり
Couldn't have find that in my textbooks for sure!
Haha. Probably not in that exact combination, although you never know. In any case, スカート and めくる are both common enough words. Of course in a textbook you'd probably find ページをめくる (turn the page) and スカートをはいている (wearing a skirt).
Yeah that's what I meant Smile
I knew both words but never heard that "combination", so when I heard it I was like "does it really means what I think it means?"
In the anime they asked to a guy something along the lines "which age do you think boys stop lifting skirts?" 
Not sure because I'm working while listening to it but it was quite funny!

I have a lot of Japanese issues but I already got an N3, although barely, 2 years ago. Now my objective is to recover everything and get more by different means.

Like, this Heiseg method sounds really interesting! As I keep forgetting Kanji. Also, never used ANKI before and I'm loving it!
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Update: after I came back from work and ate something with my wife I finished reviewing my Anki decks, then I reviewed the Minna No Nihongo chapter 23 grammar points. I studied few words that I had almost forgot and I made around 30 sentences out of it for Anki.

I realized how my brain would make a mistake in this very simple sentence all the times:


My brain makes me think naturally this sentence as: 家を出たとき instead of 家を出るとき。

Also, I find it more natural in this instance to instead say 出る前に電気を消すことを忘れちゃった。

But the Drill point of the book was to fix I guess some common mistakes with the use of V➖とき

After making the sentences into Anki decks (not before putting them in an excel file where I'm tracking everything) I went back to Heiseg and did lesson 7 (or 6?), that was super easy due to adding 10 or 15 kanji of which most I already knew.

ANKIed them and now I'm ready to sleep! (1:34am)
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(2017-01-18, 6:52 pm)SomeCallMeChris Wrote:
(2017-01-18, 2:21 am)Bokusenou Wrote: Some possibly useful links:
How to change the system language in Windows 10:
I'd seen this page before and been to those settings before, but it occurred to me this time to try something pretty simple that I hadn't done before. Change the language to English and then change it back to Japanese (with suitable rebooting, which is probably what stopped me before. Y'know, you go to start shutting everything down and get distracted by the project with unsaved data... happens to everyone right?)

Anyway, yeah. If you install something as the 'default language' without making it the 'display language' that's apparently how you fix it - change away and change back, there's no switch for turning it on as 'display language'. So now my Windows is fully in Japanese. Smile

Quote:How to change your android device to Japanese without rooting:
(Ignore the Htc sync part. If you've plugged your device into your computer it likely installed the drivers, if not install Samsung Kies software or the equivalent for your phone's manufacturer)
For the smallest, most up to date download, I'd get adb & fastboot, AKA "SDK platform tools", from the official Android site, instead of getting the huge full Android SDK download:
After you run the command in the article you should be able to switch the device to any language via the Morelocale2 app.
I had no idea this was even possible. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, knowing programmaing and Linux, I knew in theory that developer tools had to be able to manipulate privileges but knowing it must be possible and where to start doing it are very different things.

Anyway it worked perfectly, the phone is in Japanese now, and I feel much better about it that I've toggled just the one permission that I needed instead of rooting the phone. There's apparently ways to set up the phone to be 'root on demand' instead of 'always root' with a sudo-like app which wouldn't be quite as terrible of a security risk, but still, this is much more the way to go about it.

For anyone reading who's not experienced with linux system administration (which I expect is most people reading this)... if you just want to make your phone Japanese, I highly recommend the above method. It's much safer than rooting your phone, both in not being denied updates by zealous vendors detecting rooting and in not creating security risks for yourself.


Yay, glad that both your phone & computer are in Japanese now! One of the first things I do when I get a new device is figure out if there's any way to change it to Japanese, so I was happy to see that in Windows 10 & Android it's pretty easy to do. Smile
My biggest problem these days is to convince myself to not add more than 5 new cards a day!

It would be so easy to add more because I think that I already have a good grasp of many of the "unseen" words. But I just know that if I do that I'll wind up bogged down with a lot of words in the future.

My math is that if I add 5 new words a day and go to Japan in 10 months that still 5*30*10=1,500 new cards or 750 new words. Which is plenty.

Anki makes it easy to forget that there's so much more to language than vocab!
Soooo, just finished watching an episode of Shirokuma. And I guess I have too much free time because I then finished reading another "Letter" in Orange. I'm on Letter #10 now, and episode #35 of shirokuma.

One thing I noticed is that my reading speed has improved a lot. Or rather, maybe my reading speed hasn't improved, but I feel like I keep on thinking "there's just not that much written on the page." Which I guess is the same thing.

It reminds me of when I was studying classical music. I started out playing scales so choppy. And my teacher said "Just practice slowly. At some point you'll realize just how much time you have in between notes."

How's everyone else doing? I have a lesson with my teacher tomorrow.
I'm finally catching up with life, woo! I actually get to put some grammar into Anki tonight. Big Grin I am focusing on slowly adding for the next few months, and then once I take a break from school in May, I'll be able to start doing regularly more. But I think my goal for the year will still be to get through my review of JLPT4/5, and to finish adding all the JLPT3 stuff. Maybe pass the JLPT3, if I'm particularly interested, since I won't actually have finals this December...
(2017-01-21, 5:04 pm)ariariari Wrote: "there's just not that much written on the page."

I know the feeling! It used to be that even one sentence felt like a huge headache, now even whole pages seem conquerable.
I think I'm going to start a separate sentences deck (core6k, most likely), and start doing that. I need some pre-translated sentences to try and understand some of the idioms, etc, because those are a lot harder to pick up from literal translations (and my grammar books don't have English translations).

I do think there will be some memorization involved, but. I think it'll be fun.

Edit: That feeling when you try to edit your vocab deck and you end up deleting it instead...

Fun times, fun times. Guess it's a new start for the new year. :p

(Not that devastated. Pretty okay with it. Could be worse - could be my grammar deck. :p )
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(2017-01-21, 10:30 pm)nohika Wrote: Edit: That feeling when you try to edit your vocab deck and you end up deleting it instead...

I think anki does some regular backups, so you might be able to restore most of it! I've been avoiding anki for a while so I can't really say where and how often *oops*...
(2017-01-22, 9:23 am)sumsum Wrote: I think anki does some regular backups, so you might be able to restore most of it! I've been avoiding anki for a while so I can't really say where and how often *oops*...

Unfortunately what happened was I imported the core10k deck and it crashed anki, then over-wrote the core 6k deck I had with vocab in it. And then synced. Big Grin

I probably could go fuss around with backups, but I'm kind of enjoying sentences for a bit. I'll probably feel the crushing defeat at some point.
Go make a copy of your backup folder now! Anki often keeps several dozen previous-version backups, depending on what you told it to do. You can always try to dig out a working backup when the sense of crushing defeat kicks in.

Or, hey, enjoy starting fresh. I know that can be helpful sometimes.

Backups are located inside your data folder, wherever that lives now - it used to be the Documents folder by default.
I'll go grab it and save it, just in case I want it. xD Gonna start fresh for now, then when the crushing defeat kicks in...we'll see.
(2017-01-03, 10:20 pm)nohika Wrote: Yay I love this thread! My Japanese study got seriously derailed by stress and holidays (plus I've currently misplaced my iPad mini that I use to study - where did it goooo), but I've been trying to do at least a little bit every day and I'm hoping in a couple weeks to go back to adding stuff again. My goal this year is making it through all the N3 grammar, which I think is feasible.

Oh, and to read stuff, and mine vocab.

I really do appreciate this thread. It's one of the main things that keeps me moving forward!

I've been derailed up until today! The holidays and most of this month have been hectic for me. Haven't done anything Japanese which makes me feel guilty.

My goal is to keep consuming native media, and learn all N3 related material I can. Next month will be 6 months since I've taken the last jcat so I will do that too.

@ariariari: I'm glad you feel that reading has been getting easier for you. While I am the living example of 積ん読 with the stacks of manga and Japanese books I've yet to read. This year I plan to change that Big Grin
(2017-01-22, 1:54 pm)RawrPk Wrote: @ariariari: I'm glad you feel that reading has been getting easier for you. While I am the living example of 積ん読 with the stacks of manga and Japanese books I've yet to read. This year I plan to change that Big Grin

AHAHA that's me too!! So much manga I haven't read yet.

Hey, the holidays happen to everyone. Take it easy. Smile
Welcome back RawrPk!

I just had my lesson. A 1 hour, 1-1 lesson felt longer than I imagined it would!

We talked about work, which was SUPER hard. And then I said that I also want to do some N3 prep. Not that I have a plan to take it this year, but I do think that the prep will improve some things that just won't get improved otherwise.

He asked me old N3 scores, and I dug them up.

We decided to work on reading comprehension first. I'm still thinking of limiting it to every other week. So maybe in 2 weeks it will be an N3-focused lesson, and then the following lesson it will be more discussion based.

BTW, I just read - and finished - Orange Letter 10 *in a single sitting*!

I think that that's a new reading milestone for me!
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So uh, apparently I passed JLPT N3 (36-45-51 so 132 overall) and now I'm a bit confused what to make out of that. Totally threw me off, because I wasn't expecting it, but of course I'm happy Smile I was fully anticipating to take it again in July, but now I don't really have to, right? My knowledge on N3 grammar/vocab is still very shaky so it would make sense to review that some more and for listening/reading just continue whatever I feel like doing. But huuuh... really, I passed? I'm officially N3 now? So I could start preparing for N2? That always seemed like something the "pros" do and I feel like I am barely out of the beginner stages myself, so it's a bit strange. Anyway, I'm off to celebrate Tongue

I wish the JLPT was offered two times a year here in the US, but maybe it's better for me that it's not. I need to start thinking about taking the J-CAT every six months instead.

Don't know what you find most motivating... whether you think of it as re-studying to improve your N3 knowledge or getting a start on studying for N2, you're moving forward. I'm glad they instituted N3; I remember the jump from the old 3kyuu to 2kyuu (N4 to N2) being absolutely horrendous. I did in a year (I have no idea how), but then I was stuck on improving 2kyuu for a long time before I passed 1kyuu... wow, was it really four years? I guess it was. (3kyuu 2004, 2kyuu 2005, 1kyuu passed 2009. Kinda treading water since then.) Anyway, take your time and enjoy the process.

And enjoy your celebrations!
Sumsum, grats on your JLPT3 pass! I plan to try (and fail) JLPT2 this summer. I think I can manage to get to JLPT2 by December, but trying to rush it by this summer gives me a lot of incentives to study.

Basically I'm using -all- my free time to study Japanese. Living in Japan is a big advantage, but working for an international company where English is the main language doesn't help at all.

In any case, I wanted to update where I am now.

Reviewing Minna No Nihongo elementary level: 27/50 lessons reviewed
The purpose of the review is to learn every single word/kanji that the books give me while reviewing the N4 grammar before getting ready for the N3 one.
Each sentence and each new word is added to a separate anki deck.
The sentences doesn't have furigana, the vocabolary deck have it. (I realized after inputting around 1000 words that it became harder to remember the meaning of the word by looking only at the kanji)

I'm also flashcarding the mondai with the grammar points with the CLOSE method.

I'm also flashcarding on a separate deck the readings, without the furigana. They're quite easy due to being N4 level but they try their best to insert as much studied grammar in it as possible. They're a good review.

Then lastly, I decided to invest in Heiseg and I'm loving it! It's odd to study Kanji this way from the beginning when you already studied a lot of them in the traditional way. At least the kunyomi or the onyomi of some of those kanji becomes an additional keyword for me. I just barely started Heiseg, it's been 7 days and I learn the first 244 kanjis. I hope to do more!

Last week was very busy in the office, unfortunately. So my progress slowed down a bit. Now that I can breath I'm back into it at full strenght!

So after this long bla bla bla here's my stats:

Elementary Minna No Nihongo: 27/50
Intermediate Minna No Nihongo: まだ
Heiseg: 244/2200

As for Vocabolary, I'm not really counting it, because I already have a big/decent one, I'm really not sure!
@TheNoll: That's an amazing amount of effort you put into reviewing all the basics! Pretty cool! I'm currently reviewing the second beginner's book of Minna no Nihongo as well (mostly for grammar) but I'm far less thorough.

(2017-01-25, 11:38 pm)TheNoll Wrote: I plan to try (and fail) JLPT2 this summer.

I'm currently considering doing the same just for the heck of it. I feel like I'm still very very far from passing N2 (I mean I really was surprised I passed N3) but it could be a nice motivational boost and if I look at my scores so far, they show my strengths and weaknesses pretty well. So it might be worth it just for that.
@Sumsum let's do it! Big Grin
It's almost that time for me to retake the jcat. Though I probably won't take it right away in February but maybe midway into the month as I wanna play a little "catch up" beforehand.

Its been a hellish few months personally and professionally. I'm glad that learning Japanese is always something to look forward to. Especially since after a school counseling appointment I had earlier today, I can get up to 3 Associate of Arts degrees! I was only there to find out my next step for an AA in Health Science but turns out I can get 2 more for Japanese and Social Science. So I must back up the AA in Japanese by working my damn best to reach fluency. XD
Oh nice! (Not that it was like, stressful, but yay for multiple AA degrees!)

I gave in and abandoned the sentences and have switched back to vocab, predictably. :p

Now I just have to catch up.
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How do you manage your decks Nohika? Are you using pre-made ones?

My mid-week update:

I studied everyday but skipped Monday. (I use Monday as my relax time, I do only ANKI reviews and nothing new).

I learn some new words that I didn't memorize when I originally studied the two minna no nihongo.

Words such as 消火器、懐中電灯、非常袋、捩じっている、and many more (yay!)

I'm adding around 30 new vocabulary everyday, drilling them using an Heiseg like method, for example, I kept forgetting how to spell へこんでいる。 So I decided to associate a famous Italian writer (Eco Umberto) that recently died to it, and I added an H before his name, so he became HECO).

Weird tricks!

Anyway, mid week progress (from my last update)

Elementary Minna no Nihongo Review: from 27 to 30
Heiseg: from 244 to 340

Vocabulary: I have no idea!

Tonight (after work) I will review Minna no Nihongo 30 and start MNH 31 vocabulary.
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(2017-01-30, 10:23 pm)TheNoll Wrote: How do you manage your decks Nohika? Are you using pre-made ones?

Yes and no?

My grammar decks aren't pre-made, I make those myself. Which takes forever, but I kind of like that.

With vocab, I'm using core 6k (so pre-made), but I also have a couple of 'side' vocab decks that I mined from manga and a video-game (which I made using...partially manually and partially through rikai-sama on Firefox). I primarily grade myself on whether or not I know the vocab word, and go from there. Right now because of life constraints I really haven't been adding much new stuff (I'm working two jobs in preparation for leaving one of them in three months), just trying to maintain what I have. I'm hopeful after one job disappears I'll have more time to do things.