The (New, Not-At-All-Outdated) Japanese Podcast and Streaming Audio Thread

My reccomedations are:

スマスマ E-Kids, which is a podcast from RBK radio where they interview kids (most of them seem to be about 11-12) about their interesting hobby/what they want to be when they grow up. I've listened to one kid who does 狂言, one who wants to be a mangaka and another who wants to be a ballerina. Easier than somethig like ひいきびいき to understand I think, because they are short, based around one subject and kids are usually pretty straightforward.

世界一周!チラ見の世界 is also good. It's a podcast about world history. I only listened to one about the history of Italy but it seems the host/sensei explains the history clearly and asks the other people questions to see what they know or picked up. It's got structure in that she's going through historical events, which is helpful, but it's also informal when she engages with the "students" who mostly seem to get answers right because they've seen them in a manga. There was also a few moments where she tried to explain bits of Italian history using the film Gladiator because the students had seen it haha.

I found these all from setting my itunes store region to Japan. Its pretty much the only reason I still use itunes. They're all currently stll going.
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