How I Memorize Stroke Order of Kanji of Numbers

I was trying over and over to memorize how to write the Kanji 1 to 9 but to no avail. Even as a math graduate, I felt bored writing those numbers over and over again. Then it had occurred to my mind about how to write them repeatedly without getting bored: Sudoku! I played Sudoku, but instead of filling the boxes with Hindu-Arabic numbers, I filled them in their Kanji form. And it worked! Big Grin
The best way to get the stroke order right of most of the kanji is to know the stroke order of the primitives it is composed of. And to get that you need to write the primitives a few times each to get a feel for it. If you spice up the mundane task of repetition with something like Sudoku, it will be less boring. Congrats on your creativity! ^^
Good idea. I wonder if there is a game where you can just fill in the different radicals/primitives. Like the other person said, you're in good shape if you can just memorize how to write those.
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