Forum Help: how to quote multiple people in a single message?

Hey guys, I need a quick help on how to use the forums, could someone please tell me how to quote multiple people in a single message?
Edited: 2016-12-06, 9:31 am by ファブリス
You can use this:

Just change User with the user that wrote the message


insert message here

I think there was actually a multi quote feature builtin. I believe in 90% of cases it's not necessary to automate that much, so I removed it from the templates to keep the forum UI cleaner and simpler.

Multi quote was basically flipping a switch under each post and then you'd click "quote" somewhere and you'd get indeed multple quotes.

Another thing I don't like is how it makes lazy quoting : quoting a huge post, with a one line reply.

Once in a while I'm sure you've noticed a stealth edit from me (technically not stealth since it's shown below post).. where I deleted a huge quoted and put @username instead.

Frankly just do that twitter style @username if you're going to quote a huge post to reply to just a small point in it. May as well just mention the user.

What would be awesome, is where you can text select and when you click quote it quotes what you actually highlighted. That's super.. but I don't think there is a plugin for that. I'm not going to write it either because there are browser differenes in how that is handled it's not a 5 minute Javascript. I believe the newer MyBB will use that but it's still far from release (and honestly I'm not super happy about the ridiculous number of templates MyBB uses so if I were to upgrade anyway, I might pick something else in the future).
There is a merge option that might help :

Quote:Post Merge Time
With this enabled, posts posted within x minutes by the same author right after each other, will be merged. Set the time limit (in minutes) to merge posts. Set to 0 or leave blank to disable this feature. Default: 60

It was disabled (actually, 1 minute). I have set it now to 60 minutes (the MyBB default).

Next time you want to multiquote, simply reply one after the other. Assuming no one posts in between, your posts will be merged.

Keep me updated (everybody) if you like / don't like this feature.

(note to mods team : this option is not active for admin & moderators).
@r3ftch; Thanks for the code!

@ ファブリス; I agree with you that making a huge quote for a quick reply makes the board a little messy, the reason I wanted the multi-quote feature is just to be able to reply to arguments from multiple people with one single post, not necessarily the whole post of the users I'm replying to but more likely one single line from each. I think that the new feature of merging posts written within a 60 minutes time frame is great and should solve the problem, good call!