[Kanji Koohii] Editor's Pick Needed (Stories)

The RTK stories are only sorted by popular ratings. Many of the top-rated stories are a product of simply being added at an earlier date along with the added "sheep following sheep" factor. Some of the best stories are buried in the pile. 

It would be great if an "editor's pick" could be added to the list of stories.
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Yeah I have thought of that, along with a similar "wiki" idea like they used on StackOverflow.

The only, sizable problem.. is that it requires quite a lot of UI implementation. It takes a lot of time to think through how you organize the flow for this, how the screens look, wireframe it. Coding it is probably 20% of the work.

That said I'm always open to suggestions if anybody can come up with a very simple solution.

And what about editors? If I am editor, that's also a lot of time for me going through everything. How do you pick an editor? If they are hand picked like a moderator, which is probably the easiest... do they want to spend the time going through 2000 kanji to pick a story?

And even after all that is said and done, you can't pick a "best" story. Editor picks for me would be the more sensibly written stories, that don't need vulgar language, and are imaginative and creative. So that would be an entirely opiniated selection. And my selection would differ from another equally motivated editor. Not to mention editors would still probably end up selecting from the first page of stories, lest they have to page through everything.

Then you have also jealousy.. where users will complain that stories that are hand picked stay there and their own story does not get a chance to be selected. It gets silly. Are we going to rotate the "editor pick" stories now? Etc.
A simple way would be to assign a lower weight to stories favorited a long time ago if you've captured that data. It wouldn't need to be a dynamic sort. Yearly re-balancing would likely be sufficient.
Next to your favorite, click copy; then click save.
If you have your own, that's fine too. Type it in, then click save.
It's best for each user to pick their favorites for themselves. What's memorable is different for each person.

Once you've done at least 2,042 of them, hit that "Export to CSV" button, upload it somewhere and let everyone know that this is YOUR list of recommended stories. You're the editor. Feel free to let us know your favorites.

If you are interested in my list, I will share it with you. Feel free to PM me with this request. Mine is mostly the most popular option, with a few of my own in there. I like funny stories best, like this one: 絶: Sorry, 糸 (#1333) of that 色 (#1753) has been discontinued.
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There are absolutely issues involved in terms of "keeping the tribe" happy and of course on the logistics of the entire scheme, but I think having a selection of stories (not merely one) given an "Editor's Star" would make life easier for all of us. 

The situation now is getting worse and worse as it stands. There are several pages of stories for every kanji. Many of these stories are poorly constructed and most often the best ones are hidden far in the back pages. It takes considerable time to dig them out.

What about a team of editors who could share their favorites? As for recruiting editors, just send out a post and see what selections they bring back for a few hundred. You can even 'edit' the editor's picks--if they don't keep up the standards.
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I'm not sure the "Editors' pick" is a good idea. I fear a big proportion of the chosen stories will be completely irrelevant for a big proportion of the users (since Heisig's method -conceived mainly for self-studying people and exploiting the student subjectivity at its fullest- encourages that each person uses a different kanji decomposition into primitives, or his/her own set of assigned meanings / personifications / images to each primitive, and so on).

Also, what should happen to stories that are edited by their users after they are already picked (though the same could apply to votes)?

If you are willing to put that much manpower into classification of stories (and I don't expect that happening anytime soon, but'd love to be proven wrong), I find there are aspects more important and productive than an "Editors' pick" and more objective as well (thus less prone to a particular editor's subjective bias). I'll throw in some crazy ideas (with no hope or expectation for them being realistic or pragmatic, especially the last ones):

1) Correcting stories that don't use the correct markup would be desirable (e.g. old stories that put every primitive and keyword in all-caps).

2) Correcting stories that have the mark up right but rely on an obsolete formatting (e.g. the ones that expected "{1234}" to render as "vast (#1234)" (with the keyword) instead of " (#1234)" -read, for instance, kapalama's story on that page to see what I mean-).

3) "Threading" the stories (reddit-like, maybe?), so the ones that are just adding a few details or enhancements are related to the older story they enhance.

4) Classifying stories by their decomposition into primitives of the particular kanji at play (among countless uses for such a semantic information, users could quickly filter the stories to get only the ones they could be interested in).

5) Classifying stories by their language. I know, the site is English-focused and a vast majority of the stories are written in that language (which makes total sense), but having a way for users (ideally, configured on their profile preferences and applied by default) to filter the languages they don't understand or don't care about would be a step forward towards reducing the clutter for them. Polyglots wouldn't benefit particularly from this (and there are quite a few in this community, which isn't that surprising), but still a lot of users could take advantage of being able to ignore stories written in English (well, not really :-P), French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish (I'd say those are the six languages that would cover 99.9% of the whole spectrum here).

6) Finally, the craziest of all, classifying stories by the *meaning* they assign to each *primitive* (I don't really see a good way to do this, but hey, maybe you do :-), for the same reasons already outlined in previous points.
It seems like it would be easier to be able to favorite individual users so that their stories appear at the top just for you. Change the existing UI as little as possible by adding a toggle next the users name and then put the stories of any users you have favorited at the top.