"Remembering the Kanji Optimized" Video Series

Links to the livestream for SGJL 03 - RTK Optimized Part 01 and SGJL 08 - RTK Optimized Part 02 course series on Memrise. The entire video series and Memrise course 30 to 40 hours each to complete (assuming 2-3 minutes per kanji). I will continue the series for RTK Optimized part 03 in a few months drawn from 2001.Kanji.Odyssey Book Two.

Timestamped links to individual lessons

RTK + 2k1KO Optimized Part 1

Memrise Course:
YouTube Playlist:

Lesson 1:
Lesson 2:
Lesson 3:
Lesson 4:
Lesson 5:
Lesson 6:

Lesson 7:
Lesson 8:
Lesson 9:
Lesson 10:
Lesson 11:
Lesson 12:

Lesson 13:
Lesson 14:
Lesson 15:
Lesson 16:
Lesson 17:
Lesson 18:

Lesson 19:
Lesson 20:
Lesson 21:
Lesson 22:
Lesson 23:
Lesson 24:

Lesson 25:
Lesson 26:
Lesson 27:
Lesson 28:
Lesson 29:
Lesson 30:

Lesson 31:
Lesson 32:
Lesson 33:
Lesson 34:
Lesson 35:

Lesson 36:
Lesson 37:

RTK + 2k1KO Optimized Part 2

Memrise Course:
YouTube Playlist:

Lesson 38:
Lesson 39:
Lesson 40:

Lesson 41:
Lesson 42:
Lesson 43:
Lesson 44:
Lesson 45:

Lesson 46:
Lesson 47:
Lesson 48:
Lesson 49:
Lesson 50:

Lesson 51:
Lesson 52:
Lesson 53:
Lesson 54:
Lesson 55:

Lesson 56:
Lesson 57:
Lesson 58:
Lesson 59:
Lesson 60:

Lesson 61:
Lesson 62:
Lesson 63:
Lesson 64:
Lesson 65:

Lesson 66:
Lesson 67:
Lesson 68:
Lesson 69:
Lesson 70:

Lesson 71:
Lesson 72:
Lesson 73:
Lesson 74:
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Just one request: Can you resume putting the date of the recording into the title? If I download the videos I don't know the order.
(2016-11-08, 5:51 am)Wurstmann Wrote: Nice!
Just one request: Can you resume putting the date of the recording into the title? If I download the videos I don't know the order.

In the title, I'm putting which lessons I cover which'll correspond to order.
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How many live viewers do you have when you do one of these?
(2016-11-09, 12:31 pm)shaggadelyc Wrote: How many live viewers do you have when you do one of these?

If I make a Reddit announcement, maybe 4 or 5 at any one time. Throughout the whole stream about 20 to 30. Last couple of days I've been sick and cannot speak very well and Memrise is still messed up.
While I intend to complete Part 1, I have started on Part 2 as part of my ongoing livestream. Here's links to relevant part in yesterday's stream.

Remembering the Kanji + 2k1KO Optimized Part 2

Lesson 38:
For part 1, completed up to lesson 16 and will continue till all 37 lessons (555 Kanji) are finished. Assuming I keep the 2 lessons/day pace, that should be in two weeks.

Part 2, lessons up to 44 are complete. I paused it here as I decided to focus just on Part 1. I'll pick it back up in about 2 weeks.

All told, this should be about 30 hours of video lecture per 555 kanji course.
Almost completed with this video series. As always, feedback is appreciated.
Video series for part 1 complete. 30 hour video series in 37 lessons presenting 555 most common kanji. Should be the first of its kind if I'm not mistaken.
Wow, congratulations on a major achievement! I have been wanting to check this out but haven't found the time so far.

Major props on completing a big project. I often have trouble with starting big projects, getting well into them and losing interest. It takes grit to finish what you started.
Completed Lesson 57 yesterday. Only 17 more lessons to go to complete what will be a 60 hour course of 1110 kanji when all is said and done. I decided not to do such detailed videos when I get to SGJL 20 - RTK Optimized Part 3, but I'll still stream my studying/review of it.
I'll be finishing the second series of videos (RTK Optimized Part 02) tomorrow. I'll return to part 03 and it's 450 kanji in a few months since I need to complete 8 other courses to finish out the basic.
In a month or so, I'll be doing  the next set of videos for 450 more kanji.