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(2017-07-19, 2:34 am)loonytik Wrote: Don't know if someone have said this already, but almost all Netflix original series have a Japanese dub(+ Japanese subs) when you set your Netflix on Japanese(I just mean the language setting, no VPN needed). If you set your language of Netflix on a other language than Japanese these options are hidden, no idea why, but pretty neat imo! butloads of content!

Also be noted, the Japanese subs of the Netflix originals do not match with the Japanese dubs.

Also Rick and Morty is hilarious as well in Japanese haha.

Also some non-netflix series and movies gain a Japanese dub option, but way less than compared to netflix originals.

Been going through Friends like this. Shame the subs don't match the dubs though.
Big update for anyone who is interested in ripping the subtitles from Netflix. Someone has pointed out a much easier and better method than the one I had been using previously, and it works on ALL shows that have Japanese subtitles.

It simply involves the following:

1. Open developer mode Network Monitor in your browser.
2. filter "/range/44-"
3. Start playing a video and turn on Japanese subtitles.
4. You should see an item appear in the Network monitor. Copy the URL
5. Replace the "44-" in the URL with "999999999-"
6. Download and rename to .zip extension.

Subtitles are images, so you need to do OCR to get text.
For Chinese/Korean/Arabic/possibly others, you will filter "/range/35-" instead of "/range/44-".

I've updated my guide on my blog which goes into a bit more detail and has screenshots:
Since Google Drive has the option of OCRing an image I thought I would give that a shot.

I extracted the subtitles from an episode of 弱虫ペダル then used imagemagick to remove the alpha layer, add a white background, and then appended all of the images into a single file:

mogrify -alpha off *.png
mogrify -negate *.png
convert *.png -append out.png

You can see the resulting file here:

Then I followed these instructions for OCR in Google Drive:

And got the following result:

So it's a bit of a mess since all the text is now just strung together, but that could probably be addressed by inserting some kind of delimiter for each individual subtitle image file. But symbols (like the music notes) and furigana still create some problems.
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Just another update here, someone has released a tool to let you batch download subtitles from Netflix:

I have once again updated my guide:
(2017-11-05, 3:09 pm)Zarxrax Wrote: I have once again updated my guide:

Do you actually rip the audio or video in some way as well?
(2017-11-06, 12:13 am)tokyostyle Wrote: ZarxraxI have once again updated my guide:

Do you actually rip the audio or video in some way as well?

I don't, but it is possible to rip the audio if one wanted to.
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