Boston Career Forum 2016!

I have been a long time lurker on this forum and have found so many great information, resources etc that have helped my Japanese journey immensely. But this time I decided to make a topic because I've noticed no one has really talked about it on this forum this year. For those who don't know on November 18-20 the biggest Japanese English bilingual Forum will be held in Boston! AKA, it's the biggest chance for us foreigners to secure a decent job outside of teaching English in Japan. Wink

As a current university student nearing graduation, this will be my first time attending the forum. And truthfully, I'm completely lost on exactly what i'm doing so wanted to see if anyone else plans on going and if they're interested in sharing tips and techniques they plan to use to kick a** at the forum. And also just what companies people are interested in or aiming for? In my case personally, I've studied in Japan for a year and currently have the JLPT N2 level under my belt. At my home university my major is Business so I plan to aim for companies where I can do some business in like Expedia, Robert Walters, Asics etc. I was lucky enough to get some initial interviews/replies from a couple companies already but nothing concrete yet.

P.S is anyone else debating applying for Rakuten only because it has such a bad rep, but a good chance to get a working visa easily?
Do you have any internships? If so, then there might be other options outside the forum as well. It will really come down to how well your resume is and how well you can sell yourself, but if you look around you might be able to find something. What kind of position are you looking for?

Just keep in mind that the forum primarily exists for Japanese students that can't do the normal job hunting they would do back in Japan. You'll probably get some companies that will talk to you but not the same numbers that Japanese students will be getting.

Tips wise. Brush up on some of your basic keigo. Full suit and tie. Maybe even prep some traditional Japanese resumes.

With your degree and N2, I'd make sure to try and hit up the financials (JP Morgan, etc). I know they hire foreigners. Outside that, you might try hunting around on other large companies with a presence in Japan and visit their JP site and look for the "graduate hiring" part on their sites. Whether you'd be able to apply for that being overseas I don't know.
Suggest searching this forum for Boston Career Forum as there are a few threads where the topic has been brought up a few times.
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@Vix86 sadly, I don't have any internships. That's one of the main reasons why I'm leaning towards the more general business companies/recruiting companies because I feel I have a good foundation of general skills but not enough to specialize in say fiance or accounting. My ideal position is anything management related, or sales/marketing related. I feel these positions don't need as high a specialized skill set as finance or accounting would but could still give me a chance to learn a lot, then possibly move up in the company or externally if I am able to excel in those area's. I am aware that the forum is mainly for Japanese bilingual students, but especially this year there are companies who seem to really want foreign students as well. So much so that they have pages on their sites dedicated to answering common questions asked by foreign students. So I think there are better chances for foreign students more than ever.

And thank you for the tip! I've actually been meaning to brush up on my keigo, I guess my best bet for resources is just going to google sensei and typing in 面接向けの敬語 and hope for the best? If by chance you have any specific links/sites you recommend I'd really appreciate it.

@yoget, thank you for the suggestion! I actually did a search up and noticed the last thread about the forum was over 2 years ago. So thought it would be a good idea to start a fresh one especially for those who would be going this year who wanted to pool information together. But I'll definitely take a look at the old threads again as well for tips to use.
Hmm that sucks. If you had some internships, then I know a headhunter that might have been a good choice. As it is, I think it would be hard for the headhunter to place you as a new grad. If the Boston forum is pushing more for foreigners, then that's a good sign. Again, I'd check out the Japanese career page for companies that aren't at the forum and see if you are able to apply that way.

I wouldn't go too overboard on the keigo if you haven't had too much exposure since it might hurt you more than it helps you. Just stick with polite form, in my interviewing that's generally what I've aimed for.