My experience with JLI Sapporo school in Hokkaido

I would like to share about my experience with JLI Sapporo. Maybe because it is the only school in the city of Hokkaido which take in adult for courses. They are truly unprofessional. 
First, the school assured you a vacancy. Then, they made you wait till October which most schools already closing their application. The worst was they turned their words around and said maybe there would be no vacancy for you. 
They insisted that I joined beginner class even though I had passed JLPT N3 few months before the course started.
They were very secretive about the books they used and their teachers.
Their admin staff was certainly a flop and were so scared that the students couldn't pay.
It is better to study at Tokyo or Osaka whereby there are more competition and schools are more likely to help you to achieve your targets.
Edited: 2016-09-28, 3:54 am by fuaburisu