Suggested Guide for Japanese Literacy Livestreams and Video Archive

New week and about 1/3rd of the way done with Zettai Kareshi ep 04. I'm also trying to catch back up with proper titling of the YouTube videos.

For something new, I'm going to try to do live tutoring. This week will be Thursday at 1pm JST during the livestream.
New week. Finishing up Zettai Kareshi ep 04 this week and decided to make a bonus course that gets vocabulary from the first four transcripts (roughly 600 or so words). After that will be ADoBJG pt 04 while I continue work finishing up the Shinkanzen Master N4 bonus course to finish up the SGJL Basic set of courses.
I've been really bad at updating the archives. However, I'm still making near daily livestreams of my study sessions so there's that. Adding in a weekly tutoring session has been fun these last four weeks.
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Finished up the last Japanese Drama Immersion course for Zettai Kareshi. There's now video of me reading the Japanese transcripts for a total of 3 hours or so (about 60 pages). Not sure the full results of the course, but I'd guess all four episodes and transcripts gave about 2000 lines of text along with a thousand vocabulary covered in about 100 study hours. 

This week, I start up Shinkanzen Master N4 Grammar course which is the result of a group project request. Not sure how many days it'll take, but it covers 49 lessons and 1100 questions.
New week. Still going through the Shinkanzen Master N4 Grammar course that was created recently. About 58 lessons and 1100 questions. Lot of fun so far.

I'll try to catch up on labeling and archiving video links as well.
Still doing this. Should be finishing up Shinkanzen Master N4 Grammar soon and moving on to final course of A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar.
Started back up today. Did about 2.5 hours of study/stream.
Starting a new week. Catching up on 10,000 reviews that built up over the last 6 months.
New week. Got about 3000 backlog of reviews done. Gonna keep at it. Had a decent chat with Matt vs Japan on Thursday as well.
It's a new week. Slowly worked down the due reviews. Only 5500 more to go (along with 500 or so kanji reviews) then it's off to learning new courses.

Also, I made a Grammar Quiz on the Mainichi discord: , go to the Bot Quiz room and type "kq!quiz skmn4" for the Shinkanzen Master N4 quiz.
That's cool! Glad you are back!

I'm pretty used to backlogs (been an on and off learner for ages) but I think 5-6k is around the biggest I handled so far... Just gotta keep at it! On the one hand the numbers can be a bit discouraging, but on the other hand it's a goal to work towards and as you got most of your knowledge SRS-ified, you don't have to wonder as much if you are "ready to move on" or forgot too much or something. If you forgot it, it'll come back with the reviews, and that's just fine.
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(2018-02-19, 7:54 am)sumsum Wrote: I'm pretty used to backlogs (been an on and off learner for ages) but I think 5-6k is around the biggest I handled so far...

After I put myself through catch up with backlog of literally 11000+ cards many years ago, I was pretty determined to never let myself fall into that deep a pit ever again. Blegh.