Learning Simplified After Traditional

Hi everyone, I am currently learning the traditional hanzi using heisig's remembering the traditional hanzi book with plans on learning simplified characters via their traditional ones. What's the best way to go about this? Perhaps I shouldn't worry about it?
If you just want to learn to recognize them, watch TV and look at the subtitles.
(2016-08-25, 4:17 am)Wurstmann Wrote: If you just want to learn to recognize them, watch TV and look at the subtitles.

Yeah I looked up how different most of them are and I can probably get by with learning them through context. Subtitles is probably a good idea actually. Thanks for your response.
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I’m curious whether learning traditional or simplified first is better idea. 
I’m planning to learn Mandarin and usage of simplified will undoubtedly be more useful, I’d like to use Taiwanese learning material as well. I have a knowledge of RTK1 as well, so some of it covers traditional.
In University we learned traditional first. I think it doesn't matter. It isn't hard to switch.
It only takes a few weeks to switch. That said, I would advise the average person to start with traditional.
If you're coming from a background of having studied Japanese kanji, then traditional characters will seem more familiar. But I don't see why you have to just focus on learning one or the other. You could always study both at the same time and just use the characters as you actually see them being used in the resources you're studying from, e.g. use traditional characters when studying from materials from Taiwan and use simplified characters when studying from stuff from China.