RTK1 vs. Kodansha Kanji Learner's Course

We're in agreement in different terms, but at the very least, reading this should be helpful to someone else out there. Cheers!
I bought the Kodansha KLC, and I've been having issues with it. It feels too abstract and rote with remembering how to write all these kanji. It might be suitable for reading-only, but for remembering how to write them, it doesn't feel efficient. I was doing better with RTK, but I wasn't doing vocab alongside it. I got to writing about 900 kanji in RTK and got exhausted from it, and thought I ought to try the KLC. The KLC has useful vocab to learn alongside the kanji, which is cool. The long abstract detailed stories "like see the little man standing on the box seeing the town through the tree underneath the car. LITERALLY SEE IT. Don't just memorize the mnemonic. LITERALLY SEE IT IN THE KANJI" is just not working for me. Doing RTK by itself was also stupid, and I should've just figured out how to re-order my vocab by RTK order sooner and done that along with RTK to make it more fun.

My new plan is to use the RTK's stories/radicals along with the kanji koohii / my own mnemonics to write the kanji, combined with the extra meanings used in the KLC Anki deck. At the same time, I'll be going through sets of words from the Core10k in chunks of 100 or 200 kanji with the KWAT tool, so that I'm actually learning multiple meanings of each kanji in the context and sentences, in a roughly n+1 order.

On the Front, I'll use 1 keyword in *bold* along with the supplemental meanings from the KLC, to try and differentiate the similar keywords. On the back I'll have the kanji and my mnemonic story. People often don't mention putting the story itself on the back of the kanji card, but I've been doing this. I also re-order the actual story itself, so that it follows along with the writing order better.

Meh, back to work.
I made a spreadsheet with the numbers for both RTK and KLC. It might be useful for someone using both books.
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Katsuo - thanks, spreadsheets are the best!

vladz0r - sounds like you're doing something like what I ended up doing. I got about 500 kanji into RTK, got fed up with it, and switched to learning kanji along with vocabulary. I worked through most of the old edition of Kanji in Context that way (KLC didn't exist then). If I had trouble learning a kanji, I would often look up its mnemonic in RTK and add that to the back of a kanji card, even though doing RTK out of order isn't ideal ("hairpin, why is that a hairpin?").

In the end I think it took me longer but it worked better for me, kept me motivated along the way. Now I've gone back to RTK to re-memorize how to write the kanji that I already know how to recognize, it's really good for that.