Study Quest - language study game beta invite

@Rivvie - I can certainly add an option to disable furigana in questions. However wherever possible I'd like to keep custom options down to a minimum to avoid confusion. Just wondering in what situation (other than testing reading from kanji as RandomQuotes suggested) you would like to hide the furigana and why?

There is currently no notice when you reach the daily new card limit. I'd like to avoid asking all players a question that they might not understand, so instead would a global setting to disable adding new cards beyond the limit when there are no other cards to review do the trick?

Each book has a priority amongst books, each item has a priority amongst items of their book and each card has a priority amongst cards of their item. New cards are selected first by book priority, then item priority, then card priority. You can see the priorities by choosing to sort by priority in My Books or when viewing the items in a book. Although I am yet to implement it, I plan to give you the ability to rearrange the priority of books and items so you can choose the order they will appear. Apologies if I haven't described that very clearly!
I would prefer to have the furigana disabled whenever the reading is in the answer field. Right now the answer (reading) is displayed together with the question as the furigana, which makes reviewing pointless.
As long as the answer is something else as the reading, I do not really mind the furigana, however I do prefer an option to have the furigana disabled completely. I prefer to not get too reliant on furigana while learning cards.

A global setting for disabling new cards beyond the limit would be great I think. I see your point regarding the confusion that a notice might create.

Thank you for explaining the priority settings, I had not noticed the sorting option yet, very useful!

One thing that I would also very much appreciate is some kind of practice mode for new cards. I have looked through the free play options, but as far as I see there is no option to test just the newly added cards in the past X days or something.
I find the learning curve for new cards mixed in between the regular cards a bit steep and would love to have a place where I can just focus on the new material first.
@Rivvie - I'll start by hiding the furigana when it acts as a spoiler for the answer and see how that goes down. After that if you still find it annoying elsewhere then I can go ahead and add a global toggle Smile

I can see what you are suggesting regarding practising new cards before they appear. It's not something I considered as I hoped the gradual introduction amid reviews in the Daily Quest would be fine. However I'll try to see if there is a cheap way to do it with options in Freeplay Smile

This is exactly the kind of feedback I had hoped for, so thank you guys!
I've found a reproducible bug. If you let the screen lock, white in a battle, when you unlock it and go back to the app, everything is shifted to the left, and there is vertical white bar on the right hand side of the screen.
@RandomQuotes - thank you for the bug report, that's an Android only one I need to squash asap Smile
Looks interesting!

Im definitely going to check it out  Wink
Would it be possible to get some random variation into the free play mode? If you are hitting 50 monsters, it could be nice to have some kind of power coins (or jewels, not sure what you call those things you have to line up to chains) to make it a little bit more interesting. Some coins which match to all colors or give you double damage etc.. Of course not sure if it would break the game balance or something..
@kanttuvei - thank you for the suggestion! I definitely plan to add a touch more gameplay to Freeplay mode, but want to keep it fairly lean as it's the mode where players are likely to want to get as many reviews done in the shortest time possible. I've added your suggestions to my list Smile
Account setup: When you touch the fields the cursor moves to the start of them. It should move either where I touched or to the end of the field, moving to the start of the field is just wrong.

Account setup: On my device, the on-screen keyboard covers over the password field making it hard to enter the password.

I picked "animals" deck. I skipped hiragana because I already know them. I picked animals because I'm sure there are some animals I know and some I don't. This will be the case for any intermediate student.

I didn't mind waiting for the animations so much. Some people will mind. There needs to be an option to turn them off or greatly speed them up. "Attack" spell animation is quick enough already. The one I wanted to skip the most was dice roll.

I didn't like sliding. I want to touch. Curious to hear the reason for this. There needs to be an option for this.

Going over cards I already knew was pretty painful. "I know this already" button should act similar to "easy bonus for new cards" option in Anki. In Anki I can make "animals" deck and set "easy bonus for new cards" to 60 days. When I see an animal I already know, I can hit easy and then I'll see it again in 60 days (rather than 1 day).

Going over cards I didn't know yet... I don't really know what to say. I found it to be quite easy, but I'm not sure I learned anything. Like "shark" was in there (I don't know the JA word for shark as it's quite a rare word). I couldn't tell you the JA word for shark even though I didn't miss a single question.
@jcdietz03 - thanks for your detailed feedback!

That is indeed very awkward that the textfields are being obscured by the keyboard, I'll take a look at it.

To speed up the incidental animation during battle, you can pause the game (via the icon in the top right corner of the screen) and adjust the 'Battle Speed' slider.

The reason for sliding buttons is to prevent them being touched and activated by accident, which could be extremely frustrating to players.

Behind the scenes, cards that are answered very swiftly are given greater review intervals. I'm not keen on the 60 day easy bonus idea, if you know a card that well then there doesn't seem to be any point in having it in your deck. Instead I'd like to add an option to just completely hide an item and all its cards if it comes up in battle and you don't wish to see it again. Items can also be removed from a book before it is downloaded.

Without meaning to be presumptuous, I would suggest that perhaps a lot of your frustration and impatience comes as a result of adding a new book of items you mostly already know.

My only response to having not learned the word for shark yet would be that the difficulty of the tests has not yet forced you to think too hard about it. With each correct review, the difficulty in the way the question is presented will ramp up until you either memorise the word or identify that you haven't quite got it yet, in which case reviews will keep you around that level until you do get it.

Thanks very much for your feedback, I hope I managed to answer some of your questions and criticism Smile
My device is Nexus 5X if that helps you any. Sorry I forgot to mention that.
(2016-07-14, 8:13 am)jcdietz03 Wrote: My device is Nexus 5X if that helps you any. Sorry I forgot to mention that.

Definitely good to know, thanks Smile

Thank you for all your feedback, I've tried to address as many issues as I could that you guys raised. Please keep them coming Smile

Updating on iOS
  • You should receive an email prompting you to update via the TestFlight app.
Updating on Android
  • Study Quest should update automatically (if you allow automatic updates), or you can update via the Google Play Store->Apps & Games->My apps and games.
Changes in version 0.2021

  • (Android) home screen and battle scene being offset when the app is suspended/resumed.
  • Readings being unnecessarily cleared on the Edit Item screen.
  • Sometimes tapping the Add Item button would result in editing the item beneath it.
  • Furigana appearing above the expression when the answer is the reading.
  • Text fields being obscured by the keyboard on some devices.
  • Missing American flag on question/answer fields in English (US).
  • Character customisation options in random order.
  • Missing item counts on books in the Bookstore.
  • (Android) crash relating to notifications.
  • Crash relating to audio.
New features
  • Settings screen divided into Battle, Language, Audio, and Advanced sections.
  • Text-to-speech can be disabled per language on the Audio settings page.
  • The number of new cards mixed in with reviews each day can be adjusted on the Advanced settings page.
  • Ignoring the daily new card limit when there are no other reviews can be disabled on the Advanced settings page.
  • Option to hide new cards from Freeplay custom decks.
  • Bookstore returns Community books matching not just your language, but all languages of the same base. e.g. if you search for English (UK), you will also get books in English (US).
  • Flags on Bookstore book icons to denote their home and target languages.

There seem to be some problems with text fields in this new version. I looked at trying to rush out a fix but unfortunately there was nothing quick or simple that could be done. Instead I'll look at giving the system a proper overhaul tomorrow and release another update asap.

Apologies if you run into any issues!

This new version fixes issues with and improves the functionality of text fields.

Updating on iOS
  • You should receive an email prompting you to update via the TestFlight app.
Updating on Android
  • Study Quest should update automatically (if you allow automatic updates), or you can update via the Google Play Store->Apps & Games->My apps and games.
Changes in version 0.2022

New features
  • Text fields can be edited natively without being tapped on first.
Thanks for posting detailed updates on your progress! It's a fun game, which says a lot for educational content. Smile

This new version mainly deals with issues during the account creation process, as highlighted by you guys!

Updating on iOS
  • You should receive an email prompting you to update via the TestFlight app.
Updating on Android
  • Study Quest should update automatically (if you allow automatic updates), or you can update via the Google Play Store->Apps & Games->My apps and games.
Changes in version 0.2023
  • Rewritten account creation screen.
  • Realtime validation as fields are filled during sign up.
  • New account details confirmation screen.
  • Show/hide password toggle during account creation.
  • Tap on heroes on sign in screen for popup menu.
  • Choose to fill email field or delete account from popup.
  • Generally smoother sign in flow.
  • Show version number on sign in screen.
Thanks for the hard work ^^

I have a small question: is this available for Android tablets or only for smartphones?
@Xia666 - thank you! Study Quest is available for both tablets and smartphones on Android and iOS. If you'd like to give it a try just PM me with your Google Play email address Smile
Edited: 2016-07-29, 4:22 am
@Howdoken You're welcome!^^
I'm going to be tempted and try it for the fun! ^^
PM sent.

I've been testing for some days now, so its time for some feedback!

Really professional, could not find any programming bugs whatsoever, so I'll jump straight to the content. 

I find it really frustrating that i have to type in my password every single time.

Maybe you could fit in an alternative to the actual "game" (where you move around the balls to get 3 in a row). This gets repetitive quickly as there does not seem to be any skill involved. I guess that is the same as candy crush? Sorry, but not my type of game :p

I'll soon finish my first safari. For the last boss i need 3 tickets. It seems that i can obtain 1 ticket per day, so i won't be able to do a safari for 2 days in a row?

I love the final fantasy 7 set! I know its not strictly yours but it is a great asset to the game.

Oh, i do like the side quests like double kill etc. More of that please to enhance the game factor ::)

Abilitinos are cool (ok at best), but it would be great if your char could have actual abilities or skills that you unlock and/or equip. We all love collecting gear, don't we? Give us equipable weapons, that would be awesome. Hats seem to be a bit underwhelming for that matter since they don't actually do anything. Maybe gove them thunder damage +1 or sth like that?

New cards seem to be sparse, there is a lot of repetition. I kinda understand why but it is more exciting to do new cards!

I'll report back later.

All the best
Edited: 2016-08-04, 3:37 am
@shaggadelyc - thank you for your great feedback!

Passwords - yes I find it pretty annoying to type in too! I'm very wary of security so don't want to store anyone's passwords on their phone until I can be 100% sure it is secure.

Match 3 - I chose something I thought would be familiar and easily understandable to all players and not so complex as to detract from the actual time spent studying. That said, I would like to perhaps add a few tweaks to make it more fun down the line.

Safari - there is one other method to earn extra tickets for Safari - kill 50 monsters in Freeplay mode. The cost was put there to slow players' progress, but I intend to give Safari mode a big overhaul in the future (which is why the next 3 worlds are currently locked off) and will definitely reconsider the ticket system.

FF7 books - glad you are enjoying them Smile They enabled me to finally realise my goal of playing the game without ruining the experience looking up every new word, I hope they can do the same for others! Ultimately, my hope is that players will create and share similar content and help offer a rich set of material for the community. To this end I intend to offer incentives to encourage player generated content in a coming release.

Bonus Quests - if you have any specific suggestions for new bonus quests I'd love to hear them Smile

Abilitinos - I like your idea of equipable weapons, or adding some kind of gameplay value to hats. This is definitely something I will consider adding in the future Smile

New cards - there is a limit to new cards added each day. The default limit is set to 10, although this limit will be ignored when there are no other due reviews to show. I recently added an option where you can change this limit in the settings. From the home screen, open the 'more' menu, open 'settings' and then 'advanced'. I hope that addresses your issue Smile

Thanks again for your feedback, every suggestion goes on a list and will affect the direction of the game, even if sometimes it might take a while to get to Smile
I've tried your app and it's very well done. No bugs encountered so far.

The following are some suggestions for you:

➤ Some sort of damage multipliers that increase the more correct answer you give (consecutively)  
➤ Weapon that deal elemental damage that you can equip
➤ Other question type like connecting word from left to those from the right
➤ Clear button to clean out hiragana/katakana when you make a mistake
➤ A way to import books via csv or importing from a site like anki

Last note:
I think it’s useless (and annoying) to write two times the same hiragana/katakana in that short time frame.
@r3ftch - more great feedback, thank you!

Multipliers - I like this idea!

Weapons - seems like this is a popular request Smile

Question types - would love to add more question types in the future. The connecting words idea definitely sounds like it's worth considering.

Importing books - yes this is also something I'd like to offer. Will probably be easiest once the app is released and the data format is somewhat settled upon.

Drawing questions - I've actually been working on a revamp of the drawing questions which will be in the next build and should significantly improve things. For instance, the first time you see a drawing card you get one forced practice and then an option to practice more or continue on to a test. Subsequent reviews in the learning/lapsed stages give you that choice straight away. I will also look at adding a Clear button as you suggested Smile

Thanks again for your feedback!

This new version mainly offers big improvements to the kana drawing questions. 

Updating on iOS
  • You should receive an email prompting you to update via the TestFlight app.
Updating on Android
  • Study Quest should update automatically (if you allow automatic updates), or you can update via the Google Play Store->Apps & Games->My apps and games.
Changes in version 0.2024
  • Big improvements to character drawing (hiragana/katakana) questions.
  • Swedish support as target language.
  • Items shown in order when browsing books in bookstore.