The Japanese Lyrics Thread! 日本語歌詞スレ

For those interested in lyrics, you can read them karaoke style by installing Minilyrics .

Minilyrics works with most music players. It downloads the lyrics for the song you're listening to and displays them automatically.

You can also edit the lyrics and adjust the timing manually. If the lyrics for the song you're listening to aren't available, you can create them and upload them so that other people can enjoy them.

[Image: screenshot4.png]

For those times when the lyric isn't available and you have to look for it by yourself, you can use Lyrics Master, which is a Windows and Mac program that looks for lyrics online in several different sites at once, and displays them in plain text format, which you can paste into Minilyrics and then do the timing manually.

[Image: search_window.png]
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Thanks for this! Minilyrics didn't work for me (probably because it doesn't have a Japanese song database) but Lyrics Master worked fine.

While I'm here, here's a cool 360 degree music video I found. You can rotate it around yourself!

Lyrics are superimposed on the video Big Grin
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I'm currently reading a collection of Japanese poet and writer Miyazawa Kenji's stories, 銀河鉄道の夜. This song comes up a lot. Enjoy!


あかいめだまの さそり
ひろげた鷲の  つばさ
あをいめだまの 小いぬ、
ひかりのへびの とぐろ。
オリオンは高く うたひ
つゆとしもとを おとす、
アンドロメダの くもは
さかなのくちの かたち。
大ぐまのあしを きたに
五つのばした  ところ。
小熊のひたいの うへは
そらのめぐりの めあて。
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