Typhon: eBook reader with Rikai dictionary lookup for Android

Good catch about the furigana bugs! I published a fix for both of them and it should be available soon for you to update.

For the images not loading problem, I don't know for now, I would have to check the code of PageTurner which Typhon uses for the eBook reader features. I will have a look when I have time.

Regarding Xavier's request, I have an idea but before I put it forward I have to see if it's gonna work but that could solve your problem easily if that works.
Edited: 2016-10-14, 3:48 pm
I found a small issue: the ideographic space character (U+3000) is not displayed, which can be a problem in Japanese text (it's used for indentation in my epub). This is actually a PageTurner problem, but that doesn't seem to be maintained much anymore, so I'm telling about it here.

By the way, has this project gone closed source? I'd make a pull request fixing this, but the the last few updates weren't pushed on the bitbucket repo.
I've switched over to Typhoon and while there are things I love about it, it's a little weird on my phone. For example I don't how to bring up the percentage bar for how much I've read, or how to make the status bars reappear when I've "dimmed" them (they just dissapear). That leads me to reinstalling the whole thing just so I can get back to the menus. I'm using Android 4.3 if that makes a difference. I would use my tablet that has the latest Android on it but it runs incredibly slow on that one.