App That Helps You Learn Chinese Songs


Songs are one way to help a Chinese learner improve their vocabulary and have some fun singing along.

What we need is an easy way to follow along, even if we only know a few words of that language. This is where software comes in to make our life easier.

How does it make it easier you ask? Let me explain.
1. There is pinyin above the lyrics. It will help you separate the audio into distinct sounds and map those sounds onto words.
2. You can mouse over any Chinese word to get its rough English translation. .
3. There's audio of the original song nearby.
4. It's completely automated. No need to produce another Youtube video that teaches people a song.


Just click on any song that interests you.

Lyric Bird Homepage
Sample Song "没有什么不同"

If you want to listen to a different song, then you can modify the URL of the sample song (change whatever is in the quotes) and enter your own song title (if you need any help, let me know and I can show you).

NOTE: While most of the pinyin readings are correct, a few of the readings may be incorrect, due to the problem of 多音字 (words with multiple readings).

Please leave some feedback below in the forum and let me know what you think. Smile

Where I got the idea

When I was looking at resources for learning Japanese on this forum, I remember someone recommending NHK News Easy, which simplifies the language, provides furigana above the Kanji, and more importantly an audio recording from a native speaker. It is so easy to follow along with the news, even if you only know a little Japanese.

And then, I thought, "Why not use the simplicity of NHK News Easy except it's for songs". I decided to do it for Mandarin, but instead of simplifiying the language, I decided to retain the song in its original form.
Edited: 2016-01-31, 4:50 pm
Interesting resource - I could follow the song easily.

Sony's Japanese portable music players could play with karaoke-style text. If I remember correctly, as a song played, the text changed color. Regardless, the lyrics function was slick.

If it were possible to add a feature which highlights text in real time, it would be fantastic... That way, it would be easy to follow the pinyin first few listens then move exclusively to the hanzi later on.
I was actually working on some feature that highlighted the text, but it was slightly off a little. Nevertheless it should help new learners know roughly where the song is at.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Edited: 2016-02-02, 8:20 pm
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