まだ私の日本語の勉強会は募集しています。N4~N3ぐらい レベル

My study group is recruiting again! We are a small group, of six currently (from Japan, Canada, England, Australia, America, and Germany!). Most of us studied about a year before joining and are around N4 to N3 level. We worked through the entire Genki Series in that time (workbook and chapter exercises). We just started Tobira and plan to trial AIAIJ and So Matome as well (still figuring out what works best for group exercises and conversations). We are shooting for N3 by July.

This really isn't a casual study group. At the Study Group, we know consistency is key and want others to take the groups limited time seriously. We have had an entire year of weekly meetings now and hope to keep that consistency going.

We've been meeting about two times a week at 4PM on weekends and 9PM ***CDT*** (but we are pretty flexible). We will be rescheduling meetings due to this post next week, after you join!

Here is a link to our guidelines, we are reasonable people, [Guidelines](guidelines)

Read the guidelines for details on access.