NEW FORUM: Chinese sub-forum

In case you wonder, I have basically restored ALL topics from the now defunct "Reviewing the Hanzi" forum.

For simplifcation purposes, I simply merged all the Chinese sub-forums into one. All the threads should be there.

Those that are still here, will have all their topics merged in their user account. This was possible because for those that remember, the Chinese sub forum originated on here, and was moved to a separate forum (this maintaining all the usernames).

Whether this subforum should stay is up for discussion. I'll give it a few months to see if there is interest for it.
I think it is useful to have the Chinese and Hanzi category/sub-forum back on here instead of a separate forum, even though there may not be as much discussion going on compared to the Japanese category/sub-forum.  

Perhaps some members here might like to learn the Chinese language at a later time, or discuss about Japanese literature that are translated into Chinese version (and Chinese literature translated into Japanese version) as well as other topics such as dramas, films, music, history and culture, etc.