Pinyin vs Zhuyin - Bopomofo

I've nearly finished learning the Zhuyin semisyllabary for my Mandarin learning, after reading of the benefits it can give, but I wonder what your opinions all are?

Given many people here also know Japanese, why the love for pìnyìn despite the all the malevolent despise for rōmaji?

NB: I'm not asking to be convinced, I'm going to stick with zhuyin anyway and see where it leads
Zhuyin is great, and pīnyīn (notice the tones) is ubiquitous, and also great. Learn both. If you only learn zhuyin, you severely restrict the resources available to you. Learn Wade-Giles too, as you're bound to come across it sooner or later. And Yale, because why not. It's not like any of these systems take very long to learn, at least well enough to be comfortable with them.

But with the romanization systems, learn one really well (pinyin) before you branch out too much, so you have a base to compare to.
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Ah thanks for the correction..

One of the reasons I chose zhuyin is because of the lack of temptation of using english pronounciation as with pinyin, making it easier to learn the correct pronounciation. Ill very probably switch to pinyin later, since its more used (as you say, more material). Would you agree?
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I think learning correct pronunciation is more about making good use of audio materials. After all, people learn languages written with the Latin alphabet all the time, right? But you do what makes sense to you.
Romaji is frowned upon for Japanese because many learners are prone to mispronunciation when using that script - it's actually also much harder to read compared to Kanji+Hiragana or even just Hiragana. However, it's still useful to know for typing anything in Japanese.

For learning Chinese, I can use pinyin without spending time to actually learn it formally. Since I know how to type standard QWERTY keys, just by playing around in pinyin, I can find the characters I want to lookup. However, the words that are displayed are still Hanzi so everything's fine. OTOH, if I learned zhuyin, I would have to learn where the bopomofo characters are located on the keyboard and relearn how to type - not much fun.

The hatred towards Romaji is mainly towards using it as a written script. I don't think there's any animosity towards using it as a lookup tool.
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