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This thread is to collect links to resources for Chinese language learners: blogs, ebooks, lessons, audio, etc.

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Think of the future, what will it look like in 5 years when there's 15 pages of random materials!

youtube channels
Chinese language websites
names of Chinese native speakers who have good/bad/regional/standard accents (you recommend as you wish)
Hanzi resources - Taiwan school lists, Mainland lists, Hong Kong lists, etc
Calligraphy resources - Calligraphic styles and normal pen style
Native handwriting samples
Differences between Kanji and Hanzi
How Hanzi simplification works (for people learning both ways)
Tone practice resources
Differences between dialects
Chinese culture

I will stop there!

---------Here are my valued resources------------

YellowBridge Chinese Dictionary
Characters, words, English-Chinese, pinyin-Chinese, essential!

Reading Assistance
Perapera Kun
Add-on for Firefox. Goes without saying!

Tone Practice
Tone Drill
Simple Mandarin tone drill that I used when I was still scared of tones (omits fifth, "neutral" tone)
Also Two-Syllable Tone Drill
I haven't used this but it is there if you want it

Streaming TV
Sichuan TV SCTV1
Often streaming TV services don't work - this one does at the time of writing!!
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Subtitles and tools:

Chinese subtitles

Fix corrupt text:
Some subtitles files are usually in gibberish. From gibberish text to something readable.

Chinese encoding:
Encoding tool to change text/srt files to UTF or GB2312 etc, depending on what your computer can handle. Mine sucks so this is great for me.
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Thanksgiving Sale: 30% OFF Basic, Premium & Premium PLUS Subscriptions! (Nov 13 - 22)

* This is an invaluable application that, given a character, shows you the stroke order for the character along with all the possible variants of that character (e.g. traditional hanzi, simplified hanzi, kanji, alternative forms, etc), along with the Chinese (pinyin) and Japanese (romaji) pronunciations for the character. It also has the meanings of the character, and a list of words in which the character appears.
* For radicals where the stroke order / form differs across different areas, you can set in the preferences what stroke order and form you would like.
* You can create animated gifs / pngs showing stroke order and export them.
* You can create practice worksheets with a vast array of options and forms for practicing writing one or more hanzi.
* On the surface, this program seems like all it does is show stroke orders, but it does much more that this and is one of the programs I use the most.
* Multiplatform: Mac OS X, Windows, and multiple smartphones / handheld devices.

MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary for OS X
* A plugin for Mac OS X's
* Shows traditional and simplified characters, and all possibilities for a translation in a clear, easy to understand, and colourful format, describing each hanzi along with its pinyin.

Peraperakun Chinese
* A popup for Mozilla for Chinese text that looks up words in CEDICT.
* Combined with Google translate, which is another resource I use immeasurably, it is fantastic.

Google Translate
* Google's translation engine.
* The actual translation to and from Chinese is lacking, but I don't much use it for this purpose. Instead, I'll just paste Chinese text into the window and then parse it myself by hovering over parts of it with PeraPerakun.
* Very good for translating from simplified to traditional text and vice versa.
* For shorter samples of text, it has a "listen" feature where it reads the text. Although far from ideal, it is one of the better Chinese computer generated vocalizations I've managed to find online, so it can help with pronunciation to a degree.

Excellent podcasts
* ChinesePod
* ChineseClass101

Along with Anki (which needs no introduction, of course), the New Practical Chinese Reader, the Discovering Chinese and A Magical Tour of China books at, and the classes here in Ottawa through the excellent school we have here in town for Chinese, these are my main resources in my Chinese studies. If I can think of any more resources, I'll be sure to come back, edit this post, and include them.

Hope these are of help to somebody!

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Hommage to Miss China who's been an immense help.

Some modern literary works - audiobooks
The books were chosen by Miss China - an educated native Mandarin speaker - at my request. They should all be translated into English.
The titles and the authors below the links (traditional / simplified)

《城南舊事》/《城南旧事》 林海音/林海音
《活著》/《活着》 俞華/余华
《許三觀賣血記》/《许三观卖血记》 俞華/余华
《狼圖騰》/《狼图腾》 姜戎/姜戎
《圍城》/《围城》 錢鈡書/钱钟书
《白鹿原》/《白鹿原》 陳忠實/陈忠实
《塵埃落定》/《尘埃落定》 阿來/阿来
《平凡的世界》/《平凡的世界》 路遙/路遥
《二馬》/《二马》 老舍/老舍
《四世同堂》/《四世同堂》 老舍/老舍
《牛天賜傳》/《牛天赐传》 老舍/老舍
《駱駝祥子》/《骆驼祥子》 老舍/老舍
《家》/《家》 巴金/巴金
《芙蓉鎮》/《芙蓉镇》 古華/古华
《南方有嘉木》/《南方有嘉木》 王旭烽/王旭烽

Dahl - The Witches 女巫-罗尔德·达尔.有声书.佚名
It is a parallel Mandarin Chinese (hanzi) - Mandarin (pinyin) - English text with audio in Chinese. The texts were proofread by Miss China. Pinyin by Miss China.

Popup Chinese Vocabulary for Chrome - INFO
I'm using it and find it very useful. Works off line, too.

Sites with Chinese E-Text

Where to look for Chinese stuff

News + transcript

Some remarks about pronunciation by Miss China (an educated Mandarin native speaker - mainland)
Obviously not professional but good by street standards.
When I say "not professional", I mean the performance is not always stable, the speaker needs to take an effort not to make mistakes. Occasional slips are expected. There is room for training and practice as well as knowledge of actual speech rules.
I never think Chinesepod is of much value. Its broadcasters are unprofessional, and make slips (they don't want to, but just can not avoid it.).

About book2
The readers are qualified to give pronunciation models. Go for it.
I have the complete texts, too - if anyone needs them.

Parallel Chinese-English novels, line-by-line Bible, and some stuff I find useful
audio not inculed (floating around the net)
Some parallel novels were made by Miss China who was learning English through L-R.
L-R the most important passages:

Chinese movies
No need to dowload anything, but it is always nice to know what is available!

Jehovah's Witnesses
I know plenty of people don't like them. Well, I am a Christian, too - I believe in Amaterasu. You get for free, give for free - bread upon the waters. That's my Christian motto, science, and deep conviction.
One good thing about their stuff is that you don't have to proofread anything, you can be sure they have done it for you. And you can create parallel texts in a jiffy.
It is multilingual: books, magazines, audiobooks. And the Bible. Everything is there, free of charge and legal.
As far as Chinese goes, the readers are Taiwanese, you might get as fluent as Glossika from YouTube some day.

Podcasts, lessons, etc

Exerpts from news, newspaper articles
Multilingual. Audio + parallel Chinese-English texts. (need a pass, but easy to get)
Multilingual, newspaper articles.

The Poems by A Thousand Poets
Стихи 1000 поэтов, Chinese poetry + Russian tranaslation

300 Tang Poems

Basic Chinese Grammar
Author: Richard VanNess Simmons

Bilingual stories by by A Cheng阿城(āchéng)
A link and a comment by Miss China (an educated native speaker of Mandarin):

They can be made parallel on paragraph level by complete beginner of Chinese language. The translation is faithful in every way (even sentence by sentence). The translators are the best in China.

When you come across some English editions of Chinese literature, either classical or modern, translated by Yang Xianyi (杨宪益yángxiànyì) and Gladys Yang (戴乃迭dàinǎidié), you may count on the excellent translation quality. They were a couple both in personal life and in translation career, the best of bests in translating Chinese literature into English.

棋王 The Chess Master (the first story)
audio download links:
01 (the reading starts at 00:54)

圍城》/《围城》 錢鈡書/钱钟书 Fortress Besieged Qian, Zhongshu
汉英对照 Chinese-English (scan) pdf
Chinese audio:
Chinese text
English text

Dickens - The tale of two cities 【汉英对照】+双城记

36 Stratagems (for children)
Taiwan, audio + text + English (Link 12 is dead, audio 35 damaged), downloadable.

Ernest Hemingway - The Old Man and the Sea (Mandarin Chinese)
Parallel texts prepared by Miss China - an educated native speaker of Mandarin, mailand China.
The Chinese text was carefully checked against the Mandarin audio, included.

Mr. Ma & Son: A Sojourn in London by She Lao, 二马 by 老舍

Who he is:

Audiobook (11 hours):
Parallel text:
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Manga, manhua and comics: Many links in the RevTK Wiki
Chinese version of Rage Comics (暴走漫画):
Chinese version of Very Demotivational (神吐槽):

Unrestricted access to Youku
Use the Unblock-Youku extension for Google Chrome to bypass the "Sorry, this video can only be streamed within Mainland China" message.

Some interesting Youku categories
In these, you can find professionally produced videos with audio in Mandarin (also Japanese and English), most of them with subtitles using simplified characters.

• Cartoons:
• Soap Operas:
• Movies:
• Entertainment (TV):

In Youku there are quite a few entertainment TV shows from Taiwan (台湾) and Mainland China (大陆), most of them with subtitles; three to start with:

康熙来了 (talk, interviews)
我爱记歌词 (music + "remember the lyrics" with guests)
power星期天 (misc)

These shows work as a 'playlist', so if you start playing an older episode, after it finishes the next one is played and so on until the end, which may work well for those who want to have Mandarin talk in the background, or something like that.

Software and tools
IME to help typing Pinyin with tone marks (like this: ā á ǎ à when you type a1 a2 a3 a4).

zhtoolkit Wordlist:
Web app that takes some Chinese text as input, and creates a table of unique words.

Learning the language
Learn Chinese Online:
Visual Mandarin:

Learning Support Resources
Chemical elements in East Asian languages:
Taiwanese stroke order (animated):
Wikipedia - List of Kangxi radicals:
Wikipedia - Multiple association of converting Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese:

newapplearial Taiwanese girl that shows how to apply makeup and talks about beauty stuff.
OMG! 美语 An American girl who explains, in Mandarin, American English expressions & slang.
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My favorite ones:
(1) CC-CE-Dict
1a) Look up All Chinese Words in a Text:
1b) Type Pinyin:
(2) Learn Pinyin
(3) Practice Pinyin
(4) ChinesePod
(5) Computer input
5a) the best input method I know (but it's only in Chinese)
--> 立即下載 = 'download (immediately)'
5b) online input (not the best but ok)
(6) Chinese in general:
6a) Sinosplice:
6b) for german readers:
Mac OS X Dictionaries
小词典 Small Chinese Dictionary (traditional, simplified) (free).

Tone Practice
Mandarin Tones
Some of the most commonly heard tonal changes in Mandarin
Chinese-Japanese/ Japanese-Chinese Dictionaries
Download the CJDXG files and un-rar them.

You'll need to download the program 'RaySource' in order to download that one, but it is a decent dictionary (albeit a primary school one, you need to search かなしい instead of 悲しい etc).

A bunch more EPWING dictionaries:

They're both .ebz files, which you can use with EBMac:

You need to place the dictionary folders in EBMac's dictionary folder, which is /Users/(Username)/Library/Application Support/EBMac

You can also use them in Windows with EBWIN:

iPhone Dictionary Apps
Pleco is a great Chinese dictionary app with E-C/C-E, and C-C dictionaries, also has both simplified and traditional support.
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Yes! Something good came out of this traditional vs simplified division:

Naruto manua transcripts:

Transcripts with pics and Transcripts only. These transcripts seems to be for those Chinese who can't read traditional vice versa. This is very helpful to learn those difficult hanzi, vocabulary lists, making your pinyin annotations and for fun reading etc. I'm sure there are more like these also for other mangas.


Here are some other popular mangas:

Death Note
One Piece
Dragon Ball
Gantz And many more

I'm going crazy!

Navigation :

下一页。Means next page.
下一话。Means next chapter I think.
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Mandarin Pronunciation:
Mandarin Pronunciation Explained with diagrams by Raymond HUANG:
Revised edition 1981, ISBN 0-85656-021-9 30 MB

Strokes and Kangi Radicals:

Standard Strokes & the 214 Kangxi Radicals: Chinese name in pīnyīn, Meaning, Stroke order
Based on Wikipedia. Japanese stroke order with red border.
7z-archive@MegaUpload, with HTML (searchable text + images) & PDF. 16 MB

Learning the Simplifications of the Traditional Hanzi:
Learn the traditional Hanzi first and then the following set of simplifications:

The 350 Simplified Characters Not Used As Components:

The 132 + 14 Simplified Components Used in other Characters:

22 Fables; Short Stories of Afanti; Jewish Jokes
Under "Readings & Listening 读和听":

Modern Chinese (Simplified) Character Frequency List (9932 chars):

Taiwanese National Languages Committee Educational Font (楷書/楷书):

[Kanji version]
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Chinese-English and various other EPWING formatted dictionaries:
Here I will give some links that might be of use.

Dictionary 1. estroke can be found here (free of charge):

Dictionary 2. - good alternative

Chinese language websites 3. and of course:
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Shinichirou Wrote:Here I will give some links that might be of use.

Dictionary 1. estroke can be found here (free of charge):
eStroke is an absolutely brilliant program, and one of the ones that I use the most. You can purchase a local copy here:
It does so much more than just demonstrate proper stroke order: it allows you to customize and print out hanzi / kanji character practice / study sheets with a huge variety of options, from blank grids to pages with the character, stroke order outline diagrams, pinyin, etc all provided. For each character, it provides the Chinese readings, the On and Kun Japanese readings if any, and links to the simplified / traditional versions, kanji version, and any other variations on the character (that exist in unicode land). Also, it has a comprehensive list of words that use the character that are displayed with hanzi, pinyin, and definition.

Honestly, I would be lost without this program, especially having a great deal of interest in the etymology of the characters. My only complaint is the licensing system: it can be a real pain. Whenever I perform a major upgrade to my operating system or have bought a new computer, I have to get a new license key for eStroke (free of charge). Fortunately, the company responds quickly to e-mails and is very helpful and accommodating, but still, this is a huge pain. Had I the time and knowledge, I would consider writing a multi-platform, open source alternative.
Ernest Hemingway - The Old Man and the Sea (Mandarin Chinese)
Parallel texts prepared by Miss China - an educated native speaker of Mandarin, mailand China.
The Chinese text was carefully checked against the Mandarin audio, included.
Our own Reviewing the Kanji Wiki (RtKWiki) group of pages dedicated to Chinese Resources – check it out!

RtKWiki – Chinese Resources

There you'll find links to great online dictionaries and e-learning websites, Anki decks with audio and pictures, websites with manhua, online videos and subtitles, information about textbooks and proficiency tests, blogs, and much more. And you can add your own links for learning Chinese, too!

Yes, much of the content comes from the forums, now organized and categorized for easier access. It doesn't have everthing yet, but it's a great place to start.
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I just found an absolutely amazing resource for chinese. It's a youtube channel which seems to be affiliated with CCTV. 11885 professionally produced videos across a broad range of topics. Videos range from a couple of minutes to half an hour. This is an absolute gold mine for Mandarin learners.
Chinese Civilization Channel 2 HD
Another amazing youtube channel full of high quality documentary content. 3000+ videos with 字幕 galore.
Chinese documentary channel
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For studying mandarin pronunciation, somebody on this forum mentioned the book below, which is hardly available anymore, so I scanned its pages for the greater good that is language learning and open science.

Mandarin Pronunciation Explained with diagrams by Raymond HUANG:
Revised edition 1981, ISBN 0-85656-021-9 30 MB
Mr. Ma & Son: A Sojourn in London by She Lao, 二马 by 老舍

Who he is:

Audiobook (11 hours):
Parallel text:
i thought i'd post this here as well:

My ultimate learning program has been made!!!!! Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Video, with difficulty level, transcription (and hidable translation), click on any word and it brings up the definition on the right hand side, as well as an easy way to repeat a single line, loop it, or hear it more slowly if you need to. You can also play a game where you fill in the missing word from what you hear. You can download the videos too.
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Unfortunately the site with manga transcripts is dead.

Does anyone know of a similar site or resource?
A request:
buonaparte Wrote:
I have the complete texts, too - if anyone needs them.
I could use them very well!

buonaparte Wrote:Ernest Hemingway - The Old Man and the Sea (Mandarin Chinese)
Parallel texts prepared by Miss China - an educated native speaker of Mandarin, mailand China.
The Chinese text was carefully checked against the Mandarin audio, included.
Thanks for this, it is very valuable.
Mandarin book2 parallel texts with line-by-line playlists (and many languages).
book2LineByLineUrls.7z for batch downloads.
Mandarin Pronunciation:
Mandarin Pronunciation Explained with diagrams by Raymond HUANG:
Revised edition 1981, ISBN 0-85656-021-9 30 MB

Re-up! [Had to change filename because of PRONunciation filter Wink]