Some handwriting resources

Hi. I've collected a few resources on the internet that might help with handwriting. If this is in the wrong place, please move it.

YouTube playlists:
001Asoer's Chinese calligraphy lessons in English
田雪松 talking about radicals in 楷書 (In Mandarin) These are originally uploaded here, but Youku is often slow and 001Asoer adds some annotations in the YouTube reuploads.
How to write common Chinese characters in 楷書, 行書, and 草書 (In Mandarin) This is a collection of excerpts of videos in the 每日一題每日一字 series on how to write some common characters.

This is a series of 365 videos, with each one talking about a topic related to Chinese calligraphy, and then about how to write a certain character. They are in Mandarin.
Table of Contents
Episodes 1-50
Episodes 51-100
Episodes 101-365

Discussion boards:
田蘊章工作室 (In Chinese) Post and get help. (In English) Post and get help.

Stuff to read, if you haven't already:
The links on this table. Yes, it's Wikipedia, and they're wrong a lot of the time, but you're probably better off reading than not reading.

國家語文綜合連結檢索系統-語文綜合檢索 (In Chinese, mostly) It searches the ROC Ministry of Education's databases and resources on language, which includes searching the 異體字字典
9610 書法字典 It's a calligraphy dictionary, which shows examples of written characters in some exemplary works. Be careful when using it. Sometimes they show wrong characters.'s model library (In Chinese) Not very big, but it has one copy of the most famous models.

First post. I hope it's helpful.
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Wow, thanks for gathering these and sharing them! This is great!
It seems it's chinese calligraphy, but nevertheless, thank you! Here a few additions of what i've come across concerning calligraphy and handwriting in japanese:

Shodou Beginners - General Information

Good explanations on kaisho/gyôsho

Hope it was helpful so far, regards!
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This be a great Sticky for the Reading and writing sub forum Smile
I'd just like to point out that "calligraphy" is not really a good translation of the word 書法, although it is the standard way to translate it. It just means "writing rules", and is meant to be just that. You follow the rules, and your handwriting will be good/correct/acceptable/whatever. The art aspect that we think of when we say "calligraphy" is an extension of that, but not the main thing. Adapt these rules to a different writing instrument – say, a pen (see Johan Björkstén's book) – and you will also have good handwriting with that instrument.

So I guess the moral is: don't think of this stuff as being some flowery ancient art form that isn't applicable to today. If you want to write well, you have to learn 書法.