My study group is recruiting


We are a small group, of six currently (from Canada, Australia, America, and Germany!). Most of us studied Japanese for a semester to two years before joining. Our goal is to work together through Genki II, we will be jumping into chapter 18 next week, and work through each section together and follow up with the workbook. We also are looking to start a book club with this, to concurrently work through some fun native material.
This really isn't a casual study group. At the Study Group, we know consistency is key and want others to take the groups limited time seriously. We have had almost 38 consistent weeks of meetings now and hope to keep that consistency going.

We've been meeting about three times a week at 9PM CDT. That time might change though and we will be rescheduling meetings due to this recruitment next week, after you join!
We look forward to meeting you! We are very interested in building a friendship with you and learning how to learn Japanese better together! Here is a link to our guidelines, we are reasonable people, Guidelines

Read the guidelines for details on access.
1. "I live in XXX Time Zone. 9PM CDT sucks." Our German member agrees . You can still join, and set up your own time zone events. YOU will be in charge of the meetings for your time zone though. No one has ever stepped up to this challenge. Please, be a legend and be this person.

2. Yes we use Facebook for the group. It works. No we aren't going to switch to your favorite alternative, until you join, show yourself reliable, and set it up for us. XD
Which days do you meet? There's a big difference between 9PM CDT on a Wednesday and 9PM CDT on a Saturday for me, as that lands right on 12pm.
We meet typically on the weekends - Fri, Sat, and Sun, though usually not all three days right now, but we used to have a Wednesday night session. It's really dependent on what works for the majority.
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