Anyone else working on Japanese and Chinese together?

Now that the RTH side is down, the only remaining resource seems to be that from the wiki:

I wonder, is there anyone doing work on this these days?

I downloaded and copied the stuff to my google drive.
Also, since it disappeared when I was gone, what happened to the Chinese side of things as a whole?
The Chinese part of the wiki is still around:
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The Chinese side disappeared? Wow, that sucks, I wanted to browse it when my Mandarin got more serious.
There used to be an entire Chinese side of the site with the stories and flash cards and whatnot.

Just as a thing for people who want to leverage some just right now: if you use Chrome there are s couple of useful things to allow you to see what happens when the Kanji get simplified:

It reads the characters does Rikaichan style quick translations, and also show the simpified characters and traditional characters side by side. There are some Japanese characters it does not pick up, but many it does

Pera-pera also works in Chrome, and also Firefox.

This website:

Also does a great job of showing all the variant forms, but it is written in nothing but simplifed Chinese. It does allow Japanese characters lookup as well.

For those who have never seen simplified there are some radical simplifications that make it much easier to write, that actually work in most handwriting input Japanese places. Traditional characters are all much more complex and quite often simply illegible in smaller fonts

伟=偉 (韋 → 韦)
门=門 This last one is actually standard replaced in japanese handwriting as well
as noted in
though the Chinese and Japanese fonts represent it differently

The massive reduction in the left radicals 讠 replaces 言, 钅replaces 金 takes some getting used to be a suprisingly amount of meaning can be pulled once you get used to the differences.

大陆简体 on the Chinese Wikipedia is the way of knowing 大陸 (Mainland) 簡体 (Easy Characters)

Taiwan's are called 台灣正體 Taiwan correct characters

On every Wikipedia landing page there is a pull down menu (不转换=不転換) that lets you choose between five choices

大陆简体 Mainland Simplified
台灣正體 Taiwan Correct
香港繁體 Hong Kong Full Characters
澳門繁體 Macau Full Characters
马新简体 Singapore New Simplified

This lets you read the same (mostly) articles, with just character forms subbed.
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