Help with Japanese Comedy Scene Translating

Hello. I'm translating this comedy routine about a shoplifter for a performance, but I'm having trouble typing out a script of everything they're saying. No matter how many times i repeat this part, my ear can't "catch" what they're saying.

From 1:08 until 1:26. Here's what I have so far, up until that point, for context:

(Guy on the Right)俺が取ったという証拠があるのか?
Do you have proof that I took it?

(Guy on the Left)君がね、この中にこの本を入れるところね、全部防犯ビデオにずっと録画されてんの!
When you put this book inside (your bag), it was all recorded on the surveillance video!

Then, (something something)

It's clear the guy on the right goes on to say something about the surveillance video, the other guy says something, guy on the right yells something, then the other guy yells back. But I have no idea. Then the audience laughs, so it's kinda a key point, which is frustrating.

If anyone with better 聞き取り can help, please do. Thanks.

(ビデオ)デッキ as in the actual VCR itself, the joke being that he's not asking to see the tape but the tape player.
Thank you! That really helped figure out the next part.

Then show me the VCR!
The VCR itself? (Then something I believe relating to "hard disk?")

Show me the Sharp VCR!
It's an Aiwa!

So it finally occurred to me that "Sharp" and "Aiwa" are VCR manufacturers; I didn't know, so I was listening for the wrong thing/ looking for the wrong words. In particular, Aiwa's not that big here in the US, so I thought "哀話?"
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BrokenParadox Wrote:デッキ自体をか。。ハードの方か。
The VCR itself? (Then something I believe relating to "hard disk?")
Given the context, I'd say it's ハード as in 'hardware [VCR]' as opposed to ソフト ('software [the cassette tape]')? I'm not sure about VCRs and cassettes because I've not really had much exposure to people talking about those, but I've seen people refer to DVD videos and such as ソフト. (Which doesn't really matter here because no one said ソフト so why did I write all that.)
Yeah that makes more sense. There's just one last part I'm unsure of at 2:28 to 2:40, this is what I think it is:

You're the one who wants the cops called? Are you really fine with that?

[sounds like?] I wouldn't make a blunder like getting caught by the police.

[sounds like?] You're caught like any other ordinary person! They're usually caught, you know!
You're the one who'd be in trouble if the cops were called. You fine with me calling them??

I wouldn't make a blunder that would get me caught by the police.

You've been caught by a civilian! By an ordinary person!

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Ah, that's what he was saying? Haha, now that's funnier.
Thanks for the help, both of you.