Delvinlanguage for listening practice

I came across this website while looking for ways to improve my listening skills and wanted to share it Smile

It plays clips from youtube videos first showing you the script and then giving you fill-in-the-blank exercises. I hope you like it Big Grin
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Hmmm, cool idea. Will check it out when my internet speed unshapes.
Has anyone had any problems with lateley?

Since a few days ago, whenever I log in I get nothing but *500 Internal server errors*. I've been trying to look for way to send them feedback or contact them, to no avail. The only way I know of requires being logged in, so I'm kind of stuck here.

(I know I'm necroposting, but thought it'd be the best place to put this nonetheless)
Hadn't used the site since my brief hiatus and logged in just now. It seems fine on my end.
Thanks for the feedback, RawrPk (btw, nice to see you around again ;-)
I still have the problem, so I'm assuming my account, for some reason, got extraneous data persisted in it and the server doesn't like it when it tries to load that data.
Tried from different devices with different browsers, same results.

Now, if only I could contact them... Does anyone know a mail address, a twitter account or any other means to talk to them?
Feels like a fun little game that I can play for a few minutes a day. Probably not really intense enough listening practice, since the clips are so tiny and out of context, nor the best way to learn vocab, since it doesn't seem to have any sort of intelligent srs timing. But it's nice to see tools like this and Animelon. I think Animelon is more useful though since you can follow a whole episode of an anime rather than little bits of things.
I'm pretty sure the guy who did this also did 
I'm not sure how different the two are.

Look at the comments from symstym, as that's the creator of both. This may give some more insight.
(2017-07-13, 1:27 pm)comatosebunny Wrote: I'm pretty sure the guy who did this also did 
I'm not sure how different the two are.

Look at the comments from symstym, as that's the creator of both. This may give some more insight.

Thanks, comatosebunny! I'll try to contact the creator that way.
I'm also intrigued by the differences between both. I think I recognize all the videos at the frontpage in supernative... from delvinlanguage, I mean ¬_¬.

@Helena4: I thought so at the beginning, but as a matter of fact it has a SRS in place. It's a little deceiving because of two reasons: it has really, and I mean *really*, low intervals for the first repetitions of new words, and it heavily intermingles new and due cards, and even random non-due ones when the due cards are depleted. Even if a little inefficient for the first times you see a word, I'd recommend to keep trying a little and see if it's your thing (but, well, I think the most benefit would go to beginners who don't have any other SRS routine in place yet).

Also, as you keep reviewing, you see more and more pieces of the same source videos (which btw are
attributed or linked inside the video window: great if you want to check the source material in its entirety to avoid that feeling of fragmentation) and start to compose the bigger picture in your head (so in a way is like watching "Memento" or "21 grams" :)

Aaand I just received an answer from one of them. My problem is fixed now. Yay!

Hey, comatosebunny, I've found this excerpt in one of the links you posted, in case you're curious:

symstym Wrote:
TheMadMapmaker Wrote:SuperNative is seriously cool! I'm surprised that it's free, considering it's quality and usefulness. Is it still in Beta? Do you plan on promoting it more actively?

(I say this as someone who's been programming his own self-language-teaching stuff too - I'm pretty jealous :) )

The short answer is it's very beta, we do plan to eventually promote it more, we don't currently plan to charge for it.

The longer answer: Before SuperNative, we built Delvin, which has also been well-received. It uses the same clip database, but the question format is different, and it's SRS-driven (SuperNative is not SRS-driven). Having built Delvin, we wanted to experiment with new ideas, but didn't see how they fit together nicely, so we split them off as a new site, SuperNative. After using both sites for a while now, it feels like there are strengths/weaknesses of each, but the ideas could fit together. So we're currently working on a new design that tries to take the best parts of each, add in some new stuff, and make it all coherent. I'm not sure if the new thing will be called Delvin or SuperNative (which name do you prefer by the way?).
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