Let's Play Little Charo! (Nintendo DS, group study)

A couple of years ago this game caught my attention as being a great resource for learners, but I got sidetracked and never played past the first few chapters. But I've picked it back up now, and I'm committed to it. Does anyone want to learn along with me?

The game is split up into 26+ "episodes", so if I go at one episode per week, others can easily follow along at the same pace, and we can ask each other questions about parts that might be confusing. I'm also going to have complete scripts, and some vocabulary lists for each episode. I recommend this for people who's Japanese level is near or above JLPT N4 level (just my opinion).

About Little Charo, where to get it, and why I think its a great game for learners:

Resources for Episode 1:

Episode 1 playthrough if you just want to check it out:
Cool idea zaxrax. I would to try this but I think's its too easy for me and the low res kanji on the DS is terrible! But if you try something like this again with harder material and properly rendered kanji Wink I would love to join ya
Haha now it doesn't look that bad. They at least made the text large enough where you don't have to guess at what it is.
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