[Chinese] Remembering Simplified & Traditional Hanzi

It is possible to use Kanji Koohii to go through the RSH/RTH books from Heisig & Richardson, with some limitations.

Known limitations:
* Most important is to understand that the default index is RTK, therefore you should ignore "frame numbers".
* To search the Study pages, you have to type in either the decimal unicode number (ie. 23460), or the actual character ( 室 ), or the full keyword ( "room" ). Search box suggestions will not work (they are based on RTK).
* There is no pinyin readings on the cards.

Traditional & Simplified Flashcards
Always add cards by copy/pasting the characters into Manage > Add Custom Selection.

You can add characters in sequence by copy/pasting selections from the TH or SH (Traditional, Simplified) columns in gdaxeman's Heisig's Remembering the Kanji vs. Hanzi.

Do not not add characters by frame number, since the active index will be RTK.

Simplified Hanzi Keywords
Copy/paste the contents (click the raw button) of this keyword list into Manage > Import Keywords

Traditional Hanzi Keywords
Copy/paste the contents (click the raw button) of this keyword list into Manage > Import Keywords.

Tips for navigation
In order to ease navigation you can eg.
- add a batch of characters and immediately start a review, and then use the keyword link on the flashcard to open the Study page in a new tab.
- you could also use the Detailed flashcard list (Review page), sort by "last review" to find the cards not yet reviewed, and then you have the links to the Study pages.

Changing the fonts
There is no font option on the website yet. To change the font use an extension like "Stylish" or "Stylebot". You want to replace the .cj-k CSS rule. For reference, these are the defaults on RevTK:

.cj-k { font-family:"Hiragino Mincho Pro", "ヒラギノ明朝 Pro W3", "MS 明朝", "MS P明朝", serif; }
Simplified Hanzi example:
.cj-k {font-family:"Kaiti","STKaiti","Kai","AR PL UKai CN","Microsoft YaHei","Heiti SC",sans-serif; }
Traditional Hanzi example:
.cj-k { font-family:"TW-Kai","TW-Moe-Std-Kai","DFKai-SB","BiauKai","AR PL UKai TW","Microsoft JhengHei","Heiti TC",serif; }
* April-29-2015 : added RSH keyword list for import (thanks Ian).
Edited: 2015-11-18, 2:16 pm
You should use "Hiragino Mincho ProN, ヒラギノ明朝 ProN W3" for defaults (notice the N), otherwise some kanji will be rendered with the old style instead of the updated JIS X 0213 standard. For example 捗, 溺...
(edit: answer to a post regarding scraped RSH/RTH stories from the closed "Reviewing the Hanzi" website)

In regard to the email, don't you think I have access to the database in the first place? Sharing it here, I reckon was done with good intentions, but nonetheless without thinking of the long term harmful consequences for my sites.

The other Hanzi users who actually asked to get their account moved to RevTK I can count on my two hands. That's what the last three years of Reviewing the Hanzi amounts to.

Also all too often in this type of community, people with programming skills think they are doing a service by orphaning content from one site and making it available elsewhere. Their reasoning, I gather, is that the content is created by the community and so the website developer has no ownership. That's actually a weak argument because by taking the content away you are taking as much ownership, if not more than I do. I don't need to claim any ownership, as users willingly use a space designed for efficiently sharing the content. But when you take that content away, you are making the decision for everybody.

Reposting content scraped from websites IS harmful. Particularly so on the web when it's going to be copied from x to y, and then y to z and before you know it nobody knows where that came form, but meanwhile my site will be seeing a very real drop in visits and activity due to removing the value of the website. I hope this make sense.

I don't mean to target you specifically, because you are not the first person to post the stories here or ask for them. I'm just taking this opportunity to lay down my thoughts on the issue and so I can link back here if this happens again.
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Hi Fabrice! Wouldn’t it make sense to migrate *all* Hanzi stories, as suggested above, in particular for non-RtK characters?
Yes however that means "orphaning" stories from their users (database relationships), and I can't prioritize the extra refactoring needed to do this. The hanzi stories are not lost, they will be moved over eventually.
Trimmed some off topic discussion from 2+ months ago.

Added a link in OP to Simplified Hanzi Keyword list that RSH users can import into the site (courtesy of Ian).

Closed topic. For any questions/suggestions about RSH/RTH support PM or contact via Kanji Koohii!. It is my plan to add the RSH/RTH sequences to Kanji Koohii eventually, but I can't prioritize this now.