Japanese live-action TV for snobs/discerning people?

I thought トッカン-特別国税徴収官 was quite good.
No probs.
An update on Bitter Blood: now that I'm in the middle of the series I feel like its starting to rely on the laughs a Lott more, but I'm hoping it will continue to get more tense and end with a bang. Its definitely in that comedic drama category I gave.

Out of all those dramas, the one that really stuck with me was Soratobu Kouhoushitsu. The way they built up the characters and tied the series into real life events that would involve the National Self Defence Office just made all the characters stand out as almost being really, especially the 2 leads played be Aragaki Yui and Ayano Go, who did some great subtle realistic acting. It was actually really inspiring hearing all the stories of the officers and at the end I felt real satisfaction from it. But romance and planes isn't for everyone (not that anyone would ever be able to predict that mix being their thing). The most exciting was certainly Yakou Kanransha.

One thing I rexcomend doing to find dramas is looking up the site "my drama list" in google.scroll through their articles and look for "best of Japan 2014" and "best j dramas 2013" and other such "bests" and "picks" relating to Japanese dramas (there also Korean and Chinese stuff there). Look at what seems interesting, click on the title and read the synopsis and reviews. Also, when you hear about a drama, type it into the search on this website and read the synopsis and reviews. Check to see if it is something interesting; don't bade your decision on the things you usually watch or the fact that someone reccomended it so strongly - weigh up the evidence and see if you wanna hear more of the idea. That's how I usually pick dramas.

One that I'm looking forforward to trying from my drama list's 2014 articles is Last Goodbye. It includes an actor that usually only does movies (which as somebody says, are usually much more serious) and it seems serious and film noir which is something I really wasn't expecting to find in a jdrama but which intrigues me so much.
In addition, my favorite drama-type tv show is Shinya Shokudo, now in its 3rd season. The drama is about how broken many peoples lives are, and how many memories are linked to the simple foods they ate at some points of their lives. Some of the stories go off the deep end, but in general I think that it's well directed and written, capturing the general mood of how lonely Tokyo in the middle of the nightl to the disenfranchised, sick, and heartbroken.

My favorite comedy is "Tiger & Dragon", which is ridiculous but clever.

Favorite light-hearted drama is Proposal Daisakusen or Summer Nude (yamapi dramas), but these are not in the "snob"category that you are referring to.
If you're looking for the epic type of mini-series with high production values, there are definitely fewer than the shorter normal season dramas.

A fairly recent one was Clouds Over the Hill (Saka no ue no kumo), which really was epic in scope. It was released over a period of years, so to be quite frank I missed the last one, but I enjoyed the ones I watched.

A shorter one which had a major, multi-generational story telling element was "Kyu-Ju Kyu Nen no Ai", which like the title infers, covers 99 years of a family immigrating to the US.
I know this thread is super old , but 100万円の女たち done by Netflix is really good. It's not really melodramatic or overacted. It'll hook you, I highly recommend it.
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